The Shutters: WAG Of The Year

The One We All Look Forward To

The Shutters are coming to and end and per usual we close them with the big one, the Shutter for WAG of the Year. Unlike last year when golf’s headlines were filled with 2013 winner Mrs. Duf, Paulina, and Lindsey Vonn, 2014 wasn’t a banner year for big name golf WAGs. But don’t you fear, I’ve muddled through and named 8 WAGs of the month and narrowed down the field to a few nominees for the WAG of the Year. Now that I’ve got you excited, think baseball, chill the blood flow to your piece, and begin reading.

The Nominees Are

Alexis Randock (Rickie Fowler) – Alexis was a late edition to the talent pool of 2014 WAGs. I think she and Rick were trying to keep their romance quiet for much of the time they’ve ‘dated’. That all ended when RF announced his crush on her to the world on Twitter when he got home from the Ryder Cup.

Fowler had an outstanding season and we all know about his top fives in the majors. Was she a part of that? Who knows, but that’s included in the formula for being nominated and winning the Shutter. Randock also has the advantage of being a model (no shit). If she’d been seen with Rick from Augusta through the Ryder Cup she’d be the hands down winner.

Britt Horschel (Billy) – Mrs. Horschel doesn’t have the same look as her fellow nominees for this award. And because this is largely based on being shallow, she’s not likely to win. Still, she’s cute and she pulled the all-time WAG move by telling Billy to keep playing golf no matter what is going on with her pregnancy. No, most wives wouldn’t roll that way. And yes, she had her own interests in mind with 10 million dollars on the line, but she bucked up and made the gesture. Don’t kid yourself, she’s a huge reason as to why Billy won the Fed Ex Cup.

And once the Fed Ex smoke cleared and she knew Billy wouldn’t be on the Ryder Cup team, she promptly decided to go into labor and give the couple their first child. What a thoughtful wife. Slap some bolt-ons on her and I would have handed her the award already. Case closed.

Sasha Gale (Rory McIlroy) – I don’t even know if Rory and Sasha are still bumping uglies. Who does besides those two? What I do know is their secret fuck buddy status burst out over the interwebs after Rors started piling up majors in 2014. Throw that in with a bit of a ‘Mila Kunis with tits look’, Rors having the year he had, and she’s a strong WAGOTY candidate.

I’ll also admit that I dig her look and that helps her candidacy. However, her unknown status with Rory will hurt her chances.

Melissa Weber-Jones (Matt Jones) – Don’t tell me you forgot about MWJ, you did? Oh fuck you. She’s the former beauty queen that married Aussie journeyman Matt Jones. Matt won the Shell Houston Open in dramatic fashion to sneak into the Augusta field in 2014. In my mind, that validates her selection. If he’d have done anything else she’d be a serious threat to win the Shutter.

I’m a big fan, and she obviously has the look to win the award. She’s lacking all the intangibles and extra support of her guy having a better year on the golf course. In a year with a weak field of candidates, that other stuff may not matter.

And The Winner Is…

Wow. This is tough because I’m not sure any of these nominees is truly deserving of getting this award after the high standard Amanda Dufner set last year. Still, I will press forward and make a selection. If I knew Gale was actually still in bed with Rors, she wins. But that isn’t the case. That means I’ll have to give it to Mrs. Hors……..nope. This award isn’t for the best wife/girlfriend. When we talk WAGs on here it is all about being a pig. That means I’m going with someone who’s flat out hot. And thanks to the year Mr. Fowler had, Alexis Randock is the late charging winner of the Shutter for WAG of the Year. By no coincidence, she’s also the current WAG of the Month. Nice work, Rick.


Yea Or Nay?

You might be surprised to know that I actually do care what you think. This site wouldn’t be around with out the readers. So tell me, did I get this right? Did I completely omit a more deserving candidate? If this poll overwhelmingly results in a clear winner that isn’t who I picked, I’ll come back and revise this post to have a recall on the award. It is up to you to voice your opinion to make this happen. Get on it.

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