Nick Taylor Nabs First Win: Final Thoughts On Sanderson Farms Championship

First Of All, What The Fuck Is Sanderson Farms? 

Apparently it is one of the worlds biggest producers of any kind of chicken product you can think of. Why haven’t you heard of them before? Because previous versions of this tournament were contested in the middle of the summer and it went mostly unnoticed. The tourney was played in July of prior seasons when we’re all on vacation and the big show is across the pond at the Open Championship. Oh, and the 2013 winner was Woody Austin. I barely mentioned his win in the British Open Finale Thread last year.

The date of the event was changed to November, which means it wasn’t actually contested in the 2014 PGA Tour season. It is also still an opposite field event that was played last weekend opposite the HSBC. The move makes sense because Mississippi, where it is held, is a sweltering mess in July. Having an event that deep into the south makes a little more sense in November. Now that’s we’ve got that issue sorted out, let’s talk about the actual golf.

Is He In A Boy Band? 

Canadian Nick Taylor isn’t a household name, but it does sound like a twink in some queer boy band that tween girls love. Nick Taylor, the golfer, won the Sanderson Farms Championship thanks to a final round that included 8 birdies. I didn’t see a single bit of this live, but Taylor did end up winning by 2 shots even after making bogey on his final hole. He trailed 54 hole leader John Rollins by 4 shots entering the round, but whizzed past him thanks to Rollins final round 73. What did Taylor get for his efforts besides a bunch of money?

A giant chicken trophy. In a strange way, that’s fucking awesome. Is the guy next to him wearing a pith helmet? I’m fairly certain this win gets Taylor into the 2015 Masters. It definitely gets him a 2 year exemption for his tour status. Congrats to Mr. Taylor for joining an elite group of players that have won on tour.

The Field

Like I said, I didn’t watch any of this live and still haven’t caught the whole thing on my DVR. What I do know is that Boo Weekley and Jason Bohn finished 2 shots back of Taylor tied for 2nd. Bohn seemingly hasn’t contended in years, so this outcome should be a huge confidence builder. Boo probably was glad that he didn’t have to wait around for a playoff because he had some angling to do after the round.

Young bucks Peter Uihlein and Justin Thomas closed the Sanderson with strong rounds of 65 and 67 to nab top 5 finishes. Both of these guys could win any given week on tour with the talent they have. Between them and Brooks Koepka it will be interesting to see who wins first on the American tour. I think their odds are all the same, but if you put a gun to my head I’d go with Brooks.

Back To Rollins

As I noted above, John Rollins shot 73 after being the 54 hole leader to tie Thomas and Uihlein for 4th. What I’m about to tell you has nothing to do with the Sanderson Farms Championship, its only about Mr. and Mrs. Rollins and my drunk buddy that tried to hook up with her. Said friend of mine, who reads this blog and works in the golf business, once sat down next to Mrs. R. at a PGA Tour event in which John was playing. According to lore, drunk guy hit on Mrs. Rollins like no man has ever hit on a woman before. He tried to buy her drinks and even offered to party with her back in his local town about 50 miles away.

Unknown to drunk guy, she’s at the course to watch her husband, not get hit on. Drunk guy then makes a joke about Rollins as he 3 whacks the green they’re sitting near. She explains who she is and who her husband is as she walks away from his advances chuckling at him. Classic. Looking at that picture of her tells me how drunk he must have been that day. She looks like a suburban soccer mom. Nothing more.

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2 Responses to Nick Taylor Nabs First Win: Final Thoughts On Sanderson Farms Championship

  1. Sanderson is not a tourney that qualifies the winner into the Masters

  2. Brotkopf says:

    Great story on your buddy. That is hilarious!

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