The Shutters: Shot Of The Year

Only Two To Go

The Shutters are coming to a close. The only one remaining after this post is the biggie, WAG of the Year. But first things first, the Shot of the Year. Remember, this doesn’t apply to shots from the PGA Tour. Nominees can come from anywhere and everywhere in the world of golf. Some of this year’s nominees will surprise you.

The Nominees Are

Martin Kaymer, Final Round of Players Championship, Par Putt On 17th Hole – You know this one. And the shot from Martin was definitely the putt of the year as it is the biggest reason he won nearly two million dollars on that Sunday in May. One more look:

Onions! That was of course the finale of the act that was the 17th hole for MK that day. His bizarro tee shot off the railroad tie with the funky spin put him in that situation. I would have given him a 1 in 100 chance to make that and he drilled it. Is a putt worthy of being named the shot of the year? Perhaps.

Rory McIlroy, Final Round of Honda Classic, 2nd Shot On 18th Hole – Rory had a great year and won two majors, but none of the shots he hit in those championships had the pizzazz this one did. You may recall that Rors hadn’t won in the states for about two years before he snagged the Bridgestone. This was his best chance to break that streak in forever. He played like shit on Sunday and needed an eagle at the final hole to win outright. He went for the jugular.

It was only 245 yards, but under that pressure to execute that shot….that’s pretty damn good. He went with a big soft cut over the drink to that pin?! Too bad he missed the putt. I wanted to nominate his 2nd shot at the 10th hole from the final round at Valhalla. He hit a 280 yard 3 wood to 6 feet when he needed something to change the momentum of his round. So why didn’t I nominate that shot? He missed it and admitted it. The result was an accident. I can’t reward that.

ShutFaceGolf, Casual Sunday Round, Hole-In-One, 11th Hole At Local Course – Yeah fuckers, that’s right. I just nominated myself. Its my site and I can do shit like that. It was a dandy of a shot too. I held up a draw 4 iron against the wind and got a nice bounce into the jug.

And the best part, I only had to buy one beer for my playing partner, he had to get to a youth soccer game. Everyone else I knew at the course that day was working and couldn’t drink. Whew. I can’t pick my own shot as the winner, can I? Watch me. 

Matt Kuchar, Final Round of Heritage, 3rd shot At The 72nd Hole – Oh golly gee, Matty. Just when I thought Mr. ATM had blown the tournament by hitting it in the kitty litter on the final hole, he did this.

Faldo called that easy. Yeah, the lie, the angle, the amount green to work with, the wind….that all made it an easy shot if this was the first round. Last hole of the final round, and you need it to win? Not easy. And definitely worth a nominee for the Shot of the Year. Think of it this way. That shot won him a million bucks. That holds weight.

Unnamed Mid-Am Competitor, USGA Mid-Am Local Qualifier, Final Hole – I know who the guy was because I’ve played with before and I played with him all day during this qualifier. I’m not saying his name to protect him and as well as not give away my own identity. What did this cat do?

He hit his approach shot to the final green of the qualifier 60 yards left of his target. At the time he was even par which was right on the number to make a playoff to qualify for the USGA Championship. He knew where he stood. Nerves got to him on the approach shot. Now he found himself on the members teeing ground of the driving range. It was packed with players waiting to tee off upon completion of the qualifier. He had to hit a 50 some yard flop shot off a tight driving range lie over a bunker with about 2 square feet of a landing area. Hit it thin and you’re out of bounds and out of the playoff. No pressure.

Dude struck it pure, and I had a great view because I was halfway between him and the hole prepping to hit a similar shot (albeit well over par with no concerns about what I shot). His ball landed 3 feet from the hole when it dropped from the sky. It checked once and lipped out staying on the edge for a 2 inch tap in. Easy par. Phenomenal shot, but he lost the playoff.

Victor Dubuisson, Extra Holes Of Accenture Match Play, Escape Shots From Jail – These were mind blowing. You likely remember them both. If not let me refresh your memory. Mr. Dubuisson found himself in the WGC Match Play Championship match against Jason Day. The match was so good it went to extra holes. On the first extra hole Victor missed the green badly and found himself in a sticky situation.

Of course to Day’s disbelief, the match continued only to find VD in a similar situation on the 2nd extra hole. Then this happened.

If he had holed either for the win, I think that’s an automatic winner. They were both incredible and Day’s reactions show you how unreal the outcome was. Even though he didn’t win, these shots did assure Dubuisson a spot on the Euro Ryder Cup team, IMO (yes I know he automatically qualified).

And The Winner Is…

Fuck it. I’m picking my ace. Fuck you guys. No, I’m kidding. My gut says the flop shot by the unnamed Mid-Am is most deserving. Yet, his shot didn’t put $1,000,000 in his bank account like Kuchar’s did. The Dubuisson shots are out. You can’t count two shots for Shot of the Year. Rory at the Honda? Out. I can’t pick the Mid-Am because you didn’t see it. Only about 15 people did. That leaves Martin v. Kooch (scratches head). Tough call, but I’ll go with Kaymer’s putt at the Players. The entire hole was a circus, and that putt was unreal given what happened before it. Great roll, Martin.

Of course this is your chance to tell me I’m wrong. I’d love to read your comments and see the poll results. Don’t be bashful. Who should have won the Shutter for Shot of the Year?


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2 Responses to The Shutters: Shot Of The Year

  1. Boxy says:

    Some worthy contenders but I gotta go with creamer’s putt to win a playoff from a different zip code

  2. says:

    I’m with you Boxy. That was one hell of a putt!

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