The Shutters: Player Of The Year

And We’re Back

These commercial breaks keep getting longer and longer, don’t they? Next up (as you can clearly read by the title of this thread) is the Shutter for Player of the Year. I told you last year that my POTY award isn’t restricted to the PGA Tour. I’ll give this thing to anyone. Last year Inbee Park made my list of nominees. No chicks appear this year because Michelle Wie and Lexi Thompson didn’t do enough outside of their single majors wins to get such a nod. While I don’t discriminate against other tours, you have to make a strong case to be nominated from them. Now, without further delay……

The Nominees Are

Billy Horschel – Similar to Henrik Stenson’s nomination in 2013, Billy Ho kicked ass and took names at the Fed Ex Cup Playoffs to end the season. Ten million dollars in September winnings is enough cash to result in a nomination for this Shutter, but does it make up for a shitty year otherwise?

Finishing the year 1, 1, T2 and getting the big prize makes for a strong argument. Doing that while your wife is home and about to explode with your first child strengthens that argument. Still, I do like to award consistency. Will his Fed Ex fun be enough for Billy to overcome his other shitty months and jump over other nominees with stronger cases? Wait and see.

Rory McIlroy – Give it to him, right? I know that’s what your thinking, but things are not always that obvious around SFG. Rory did only win 3 events this season. Two of them happen to be majors and the other is a marquee WGC event, but other than that…..yeah, complete shit (sarcasm). Even in the 14 events Rory played and didn’t win he finished in the top 10 nine times. That lead the tour. Yeah, you heard me.

NINE times. Remember what I said about consistency. And as with any type of competition, extra curricular and/or bonus points are always in the mind of the judges. Screw the Claret Jug and the Wanamaker. Rory had a great year on the course, but had a better year bagging sluts and cancelling weddings off it. You know what I’m talking about. No? Ok, first he bailed, then he nailed, then he Gale(d). Sorry, that was a bad one.

I think Gale is my favorite of the conquests. She looks like she’d let you do bad things to her, things that would make her father hate you (author shivers and lets mind wander). Does all that make Rory’s case for Player of the Year too strong for anyone else to match up? It sure looks that way.

Martin Kaymer – And you thought I said no chicks were nominated this year? I kid, I kid. I’m hard on Martin, but not in the same way his boyfriend is. (rim shot) In all seriousness, Martin’s 2014 was epic. He dominated the U.S. Open on Pinehurst like only a guy named Tiger did in a past life. And that was fresh off a victory at the Player’s Championship that was nothing to sneeze at.

I didn’t give Martin a Shutter for Round of the Year for either of his 65s at the U.S. Open, but the SFG readers weighed in and told me what they thought. Seems as though I was wrong. That result from you people should help Kaymer’s case for this POTY award. Where Martin’s year falls short is nearly everywhere outside of his two wins. He did only play 19 events and only finished in the top 10 twice besides his victories. That magic word again is ‘consistency’.

Bernhard Langer – Champions Tour, Shmampions Tour. Langer’s 2014 numbers are hard to ignore no matter what level of competition he’s facing. He won the Schwab Cup, he’s in the top 20 in almost every tracked statistic. He won 5 tournaments. He placed in the top 25 in 19 of the 20 events he played. Earned 17 top 10s out of 20 events. And finished 2nd four times. Fuck! He finished either 1 or 2 in almost half his starts!!!! I don’t think he’s human.

If you peeled back his skin, would there be a cyborg under there? Ironically, I’ve listed Langer right after Martin Kaymer. Kaymer considers Langer his mentor. Langer’s big wins and overall consistency are what get him the nod for a POTY nomination. Because he plays on the old guy circuit, you can be assured he likely won’t win the Shutter. However, the nomination shows you what I think of his 2014 performance. A+

And The Winner Is….

Did I miss someone? You bet your ass I did. I started with five potential nominees and obviously you can count that I only named 4 in this post. Who got the boot? Gerry “Bubba” Watson did. Watson of course won the Masters and the Northern Trust at Riviera. Those are impressive and winning a green jacket and a nearly anything else for the year should make you a nominee.

Bubba also nearly won in Phoenix in February before his win at the Riv. He should have won the Waste Management, but choked it away and blamed his caddie for his problems. That helped him win another Shutter, and if you’re my Whiny Bitch of the Year, that excludes you from winning POTY. Sorry Bubs.

So who’s the winner? Well, Martin Kaymer makes a great case, and Billy Ho finished strong, but clearly this can’t go to anyone but Rory McIlroy. Winning two majors and 3 starts in a row is an incredible stretch of golf. He may have lacked some consistency early in the year, but he made up for that from July to September. Then he blitzed Rickie Fowler at the Ryder Cup to win my award for the Round of the Year. That was icing on the cake.

Rors gets the SFG POTY award, do you agree? Time for a poll. I’m expecting to see 85% in Rory’s favor in this one. Was there another candidate I missed? Blow me up in the comments. Next up, the Shutter for Shot of the Year. A strong dark horse candidate has emerged to lead this category.

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