The Shutters: Tweeter Of The Year

The Shutters Are Finally Here!!!!

Hide the women and children, the best roll out of golf related awards on the internet made available via a hack blogger begins now. If you’re new here, just know that the Shutters are’s year end awards for all things golf. We’ll have some new categories this year just to change things up, but you’ll have to keep tuning in to see what those are. With that short intro, let the fun begin with the first award…..Tweeter of the Year.

What you have to remember for this award is that while it is called “Tweeter”, the nominees can come from all forms of social media. If I felt Ben Crane’s YouTube videos were worth a nomination, he’d be eligible. Fear not, that previous sentence is the last time you’ll see ‘Ben Crane’ typed anywhere in this post. Fuck him. Also, you may recall that Golf Channel’s Jason Sobel won the Shutter last year in this category. That makes him ineligible for the 2014 award even though he gave a great acceptance speech at last year’s show.

And The Nominees Are……

@BrendanPorath – Mr. Porath is a Cleveland boy that works for SB Nation and covers more than just golf. If you don’t want all things Ohio in your timeline, he’s not for you. Outside of Browns, Cavs, Indians crap his tweets are typically entertaining, filled with smart-ass humor, and current with whatever is going on in the golf world.


He’s also big on tweeting out Vines or Gifs that are also good for a chuckle. No offense to him, but BP is probably the weakest nominee in this category, but he’s an up and comer and a voice to keep on eye for golf.

@DougFerguson405 – Doug is a golf writer for the associated press. The California boy is a true grinder as far as golf journos go. He’s seemingly at every event and tweeting real time action that is full interesting stats, facts, and other nuggets you’re not likely to get elsewhere. Doug won’t hesitate to throw some dry humor in his tweets as a bonus, but that’s not really what you’re following him for.

Unlike most of his contemporaries, Doug’s tweets are welcome in any golf nut’s time line because they’re more than just a link or continued advertisement for an article he just dropped. If you’re on Twitter, reading this, and not following him, I’d suggest changing that with one quick click.

@NolayingUp –  The boys of No Laying Up are the likely front runner in this category for 2014. From what I understand, the handle and corresponding website are run by three young bucks that seemingly never miss a minute of golf on television. They’ll live tweet every Sunday back nine on tour for you with smart, witty, and harsh commentary. If you want a statistical breakdown of picks to click each week at an event, they probably have that for you two. They don’t hold back on who they target either. If you’re a major champion, and they’ve got a reason to call you out, it will happen. See Simpson, Webb.

NLU also nailed the Rory McIlroy/aspiring model story from Akron in August and turned it into one of the funniest side shows of the golf season. They’ll be awarded huge bonus points in this category just for that.

Ahhhh, but there’s more. Have you heard of #toursauce ? Yeah, that’s them too. They started that craze as best I can tell. If you don’t know what #toursauce is, you just haven’t been given the label for it. You’ll know it when you see it. It is all the cliche’ antics that tour players partake in after bad shots, good shots, fan acknowledgement, etc. The NLU site has a primer for it if you need a refresher. Will they win? Wait and see. Bribery does work for the Shutters and if they’d dropped some NLU swag on me they’d had this thing locked up and would win the Shutter in a landslide.

@BillyHo_Golf – Billy Horschel is the hottest golfer on the planet. He has a new baby at home. He has a fresh $10 million in his bank account. And he’s also a pretty decent follow on Twitter – if you can get past the Florida Gator shit he likes to discuss. What’s great about Bill’s tweets is the bluntness of them. Not many guys who aren’t Ryder Cup stalwarts would openly advocate for a specific person to become the next Team USA Captain. Billy didn’t hold back.

He was also very active in 140 character statements during the Ryder Cup action late last month. For a tour pro that knew he should have been on that team, the event in itself had to be hard to watch from his couch. Bill didn’t mope, he tweeted away cheering on his future teammates and giving insight. Bill’s tweets also provide some pretty cool views for fans to see how he lives, what makes him tick, and what he works on with his teacher. Aforementioned Gator tweets aside, Bill’s tweets are gold. He interacts with fans plenty too. Such fan interactions lead to bonus points for a tour player making the list of finalists in this category.

The Winner Is…..

I don’t think this one is really that close. I certainly appreciate the tweets from all the finalists, but this really comes down to Horschel v. NoLayingUp. Ironically, Billy is a big fan of the NLU guys. If you read my weekly tournament wrap ups, you’ve seen plenty of the NLU tweets embeded in them because they’re that good. That’s reason enough to give them the edge over Billy. So congrats to the NLU Squad, they’ve earned it.


Did I get this right? Did I infringe on NLU’s logo? That’s likey a yes to both. Now it is your turn to weight in. If you’ve got a write in vote, leave your nominee in the comments below. Otherwise hit the poll to provide an opinion. The Shutter for Round of the Year is next. Stay tuned.

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1 Response to The Shutters: Tweeter Of The Year

  1. Taylor says:

    Dead on with NLU. There’s no one better in golf journalism than them right now, small shop or not.

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