No Wonder Why Fowler Had a Good Year

I Was About To Give Up On Rickie

I have frequently lamented about the stupidity that must stir about in Rickie Fowler for having let go his former girlfriend Alexandra Browne. Browne is the daughter of Champions Tour player Olin. She’s easy on the eyes and if he can kick her to the curb it made me wonder……would he rather be Martin Kaymer’s power bottom, or is he simply getting so much side ass that it was time to fuck everything that walked without the concerns of monogamy? Rick is a bit of a Bible thumper like his boy, Bubba Watson, so I doubt the latter is part of this. But what we did find out on Wednesday is that Rick does indeed still have an interest in chicks. He’s been spotted with former model and Arizona State student Alexis Randock. However, she did not accompany him to the Ryder Cup. This is Alexis.

That a boy, Rick. Of course, being a former model, there are plenty of other pics of Miss Randock available for us to ogle.

Rick made his connection to her known over Twitter and Instagram a few times in the last few weeks. Then on Wednesday he tweeted this:

She seems a bit more ingrained in his life than merely his Wednesday Crush, but I guess that’s what one would want a beard to appear as.

What’s that? You want more of her? Well have at it. Joe at Busted Coverage has a whole gallery of her for your enjoyment. Give it a look.

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