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New WAG of the Month!!!!

Short And Sweet No, that’s not meant to describe Rickie Fowler. Instead, this post is merely being used to alert you to the fact that October is over soon and November’s WAG of the Month has been selected. The winner? … Continue reading

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The Shutters: Player Of The Year

And We’re Back These commercial breaks keep getting longer and longer, don’t they? Next up (as you can clearly read by the title of this thread) is the Shutter for Player of the Year. I told you last year that … Continue reading

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Ta Ta Ted

More From The Duffer As I mentioned in a recent post, from time to time I’ll be running some material here authored by Adam Fonseca, A.K.A. the Chicago Duffer. Adam had the following take on the PGA of America’s dismissal … Continue reading

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The Current Fed Ex Points Leader Is Robert Streb: Final Thoughts On McGladrey Classic

You Forgot Golf Was On, Didn’t You?  Go ahead, admit it. You were too busy wallowing over your team losing another (yawn) NFL game to remember that the big boys of the PGA Tour were playing on Sunday afternoon. That’s ok. … Continue reading

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The Shutters: Golf’s Whiny Bitch Of The Year

Won’t Stop, Can’t Stop Back to the show, again…..finally. This week’s SFG award post is for the Whiny Bitch of the Year for 2014. If you’re nominated for the award, you’ve likely done or said something stupid and deserve the … Continue reading

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Vegas Virgin, Martin Snags First Title: Final Thoughts On Shriners

From Outhouse To Penthouse Last week at the Open in Napa Valley, journeyman Ben Martin missed the cut by more than a dozen shots and barely broke 80 in his Thursday and Friday rounds. A week can be a … Continue reading

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Is Horse Face Fucking Thunder Bear?

Two Nike Athletes, One Bitter Girl In more celeb-athlete hook up news, rumors are circling that Rory’s ex-fiance, Caroline Wozniacki, might be hooking up with Euro golfer Thorbjiorn Olesen. This post from the Chicago Duffer, Adam Fonseca, has the full speculation. … Continue reading

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Poulter Leaving Puma/Cobra, As Told By Adam Fonseca

More Content For You Friend of SFG, the Chicago Duffer – Adam Fonseca, has his own website and perhaps you frequent it like you do my shit hole here. If not, you’re going to start getting some cross over posts from … Continue reading

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The Shutters: Round Of The Year

A Round And A Round We Go Back from our first commercial break, the year end awards show at continues. Next up, as you can see by the title, is the award for the Round of the Year. While … Continue reading

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Task Force Schmask Force – Play Better If You Want To Win A Ryder Cup

Be Proactive, Not Reactive By now you’ve likely heard that the PGA of America is assembling an 11 man task force to figure out how to get the Ryder Cup back in the hands of Team U.S.A. The group includes … Continue reading

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