Random Shit: Ryder Cup Day 1

I’ll Be Brief

I came across this photo in the lull between the day 1 sessions and just had to post it. First, there’s two hot WAGs in it. And second, the photo bomb is priceless.

Rickie Fowler Jimmy Walker photobomb anchor

That is of course the Furyk’s and the FIGJAM’s with Rickie Fowler and Jimmy Walker photo bombing from behind. Good stuff from Rickie and Jimmy. The goofy look on Phil’s face is priceless too.

Then you have the wives. Amy’s tits look great and Mrs. Furyk looks pretty damn fine for her age too. We all know the answer, and this is rhetorical, but how the fuck did those two dorks score such hot pieces of ass?

A caption contest seems apropos….so let it begin…..

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2 Responses to Random Shit: Ryder Cup Day 1

  1. YellowTrash says:

    “Taking into account for the valley and slope and firmness, I would lean towards the right by about two cups”

  2. Taylor says:

    Breast cancer: uncontrolled growth of the cells.

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