The Whereabouts Of Anthony Kim Revisited

He’s Not With Drama And Turtle, Last I Checked

In January I wrote about Anthony Kim falling off the face of the golf world in to the unknown. I re-blogged that garbage in May when it was thought AK might reappear at Quail Hollow due to him being a former Wells Fargo champ. Today Alan Shipnuck dropped a doozy on us that is a must read if you care about what Anthony is up to and what lies ahead for him.

I usually don’t promote Alan’s work, but I’m coming around to some of his latest pieces. Last year he was a nominee for the Shutter for Whiny Bitch of the Year. This year, he might avoid that ‘honor’ thanks solely to his under cover work in Dallas strip clubs searching for the buckled one. Check out Alan’s AK piece here.

As for the article on Kim, WOW. The highlights are that he’s basically a fucking yeti, long hair and all. No one really knows what he’s thinking, what he wants to do, or what he’s doing with his time. In the little he does play golf, word is he’s hitting the ball great, but full of self doubt and concern for more injuries. He also stems to make a cool $17 million that is tax free due to an insurance policy if he never hits another shot on the PGA Tour. He has an interesting decision in front of him, and he may just be at peace with the money he’s made, the money coming to him, and the life he has as a wandering playboy.

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