Rory v. Billy On Tap For Final 36 At East Lake

Literally In Pocket

No matter what happens this weekend in Atlanta, Rory McIlroy has already had an interesting week at the Tour Championship. First, news broke that when he dumped Caroline Wozniacki this summer and ended their engagement, she thought the first 5 minutes of the call were a joke. After all, how could anyone end a relationship in which the couple had wedding plans via a brief cell phone chat? Well, Rors did just that. We know he’s cold blooded on the course, now we know he also is on it.

Then in his pre-tourney presser, Rory was asked about the careers of Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods. He was highly complementary of both legends and went on to close his comment by saying Tiger and Phil are playing the final holes of their careers. I don’t have any problem with that, and no one should. Tiger could play another 10 years on tour, but how many of those will be competitive? What McIlroy said is a fact. We all know it. However, some golf journos tried to make more out of it than they should have. To which Rors responded, “I’ve said worse to Tiger’s face”. Amen. The two are pals, of course he has. Remember when Woods told Rory to get his “finger out of his ass” last year?

As for his actual golf this week to date, he’s played pretty well but sits two shots behind red hot leader Billy Horschel. The two will go head to head on Saturday and I’m sure Billy’s licking his chops at the opportunity to again show Tom Watson what type of Ryder Cupper he missed out on. On Friday at East Lake the highlight of Rory’s round occurred on the 14th hole. It wasn’t as much of a highlight as it was an absolutely bizarre situation. He sprayed his tee ball a hair right off the tee into the trees. When the ball came out of the tree it landed in some weird beard’s pocket.

Is it me or was bro just a little too excited in his offering to have Rors fish his ball from the pocket? Everything about that guy seems a little off. Rory elected not play pocket pool with the patron and commented that he knows how sweaty his pockets are, he didn’t need to feel this guy’s. I’m not sure I understand why his pockets are sweaty, but Phil Knight might want to do some damage control regarding the Nike gear Rors is wearing. Rors also noted that he’s glad the ball didn’t plug. Hi-oh!!!! McIlroy went on to make par on the hole.

Play On, William

As mentioned above, Billy Horschel is leading the Tour Championship through 36 holes and is the man to beat for the 10 million space bucks they dole out to the winner of the Fed Ex Cup playoffs. As I noted last week when he won the BMW, his wife is 8 months pregnant and due to give birth 2 weeks from now. If you have kids, you probably know that they don’t do anything on schedule. Because of the unknown timing of Billy’s daughter’s birth, Mrs. Horschel felt the need to clarify what Bill should do if she was to go in to labor during the Tour Championship.

Billy Horschel and his wife Brittany celebrated the New Year in Maui.

They answer: KEEP PLAYING!!! She was a collegiate golfer herself and she knows what this means to her husband. And they both know what 10 million dollars would do for them for the rest of their lives. To elaborate a little further, Billy isn’t going to have any idea if she’s in labor while he’s playing. He’ll be cut off from communication. If he needs to go home after the 3rd round he’ll do so via a quick flight to Jacksonville and return after the birth to play in the final round. That’s the most sensible birthing plan I’ve ever heard from a PGA Tour player. The Horschel’s are easy to like.



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