Equipment Reviews: SuperStroke Putter Grips And The Dave Pelz Putting Tutor

SuperStroke Grips – Fad Or Phenom? 

This might be the only post in the history of this site in which I type the words ‘super’ and ‘stroke’ together and they are not preceded or followed by ‘Paulina Gretzky’. No, no, none of those shenanigans in this one. If you’ve watched professional golf on television at any time in the last 3 years you’ve noticed several players using SuperStroke grips like the ones shown below. They’re generally double the size (thickness) of a normal putter grip and come in all kinds of assorted colors with the primary color being white.

SuperStroke’s popular line of round-backed grips has the Ultra Slim 1.0, Mid Slim 2.0, Slim 3.0 and Flatso 5.0. models of grips. The grips are non-tapered and have a wide, flat section on their fronts that are designed to place goflers’ hands farther apart to help them make a more shoulder-driven stroke.

I first put the Slim 3.o grip on my old Scotty Cameron in November of last year. I’ve thought all season about providing some type of review on the product and because I’m a huge nerd and log every round I play in a stat program, I can tell you how accurate I am from every distance imaginable. So now that I have 45 rounds under my belt this season and logged each of them for statistical purposes, it seemed like the right time to compare 2013 putting data to 2014 data and see how or if this grip improved my putting stroke in any way shape or form. Without boring you with decimal points and percentages, I can sum up the results in one word. “No”.

My putting numbers are within 1/10ths of percents from every range, 3 putt percentage, etc. There is virtually no difference whatsoever from last year to this year. I was floored to see this outcome even though I knew I had started the year poorly on the greens. What the numbers tells me is that the SuperStroke grip is more of a fad than a true technological advancement in golf equipment. There are copy cats out there making similar grips because they have to, there is a market for them. And I will say that having one in your hands feels pretty good. The grip does seem to make you feel that you have less tension in your stroke and that you are truly releasing the putter head, especially on longer attempts. Yet, at the same time the extra girth of the grip can make it difficult to feel the blade of the putter and if it is square, open, or shut. This problem rears its ugly head more so on short putts and can kill your confidence.

I’m completely indifferent on SuperStroke grips, mine obviously hasn’t made me a worse putter, but it didn’t make me better either. If you’re looking for a change, give them a try and see what you think for yourself. Personally, my grip will be sliced off as soon as I decide on what to replace it with.

Invest In A Tutor Instead

If you’re thinking of buying a SuperStroke, you’re also probably borderline desperate to try anything else that will ‘fix’ your putting woes. Instead of paying $25 for a grip, double down and pick up a Dave Pelz Putting Tutor instead. What the fuck am I talking about? This little contraption right here:

Along with Phil Mickelson, Dave Pelz designed this gadget that is simply a board with lines and an indent for a ball to rest in. There are also indents for you to place marbles (included) on toward the front of the board that give you 3 different widths of a gate to putt through. The lines around the ball are for you to measure where your eyes should be over the ball as well as how far away. Here’s more from Dave and Bitch Tits:

As I stated above, I track every shot from every round for statistical purposes. While the SuperStroke grip didn’t have any impact on my season as a whole, I can see from the point I started using the tutor to the present day that my putting has improved (about 9 weeks). While the tutor isn’t going to fix how you stroke the ball, it does give you feedback on how you’re stroking it and it gets you, your eyes, and your putter blade aligned properly. In my first 5 minutes on it I couldn’t believe how open my face felt with my set up position. All the while, my feet were also open (creating an angle away from the open face). It’s a miracle that I made anything before July. Do I recommend it? Absolutely. It is light weight and easily stows in your bag to be used at a moment’s notice (for practice only, of course).

*ShutFaceGolf was not paid to endorse any products mentioned in this post, nor was it provided free sample/trials of the products discussed. However, equipment companies are encouraged to provide such products for future trials and reviews. Inquiries can be sent to  


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