GMac Reproduces, Win’s Ice Bucket Fail, And Chella Choi Cheats: Hump Day Musings

Five And Counting

That’s how many of the 100 players eligible for this week’s Fed Ex Cup Playoff event in Boston are skipping the tournament. Jason Dufner is injured, Dustin Johnson is suspended, Justin Rose wants some rest, and Sergio is off molesting little boys…..errrrr……I mean, watching soccer or whatever the fuck he does. The 5th guy missing this week is Graeme McDowell. GMac at least has a legit reason for bailing, he and his bride Kristin Stape are having their first child together (she has a kid from a previous relationship).

Much to the chagrin of some of G’s friends, Stape will now have an anchor baby with GMac and that’s a big pay day for any tour wife no matter how their marriage unfolds. G is doing the right thing by skipping Boston to be present for the birth of his first child, so kudos to him for that. At the same time, he currently holds the last automatic spot in the Euro Ryder Cup rankings. By not playing in Europe or in Boston this weekend he is opening the door to being passed for that spot. My gut says Captain Paul McGinley will pick him either way, but McDowell’s move is gutsy nonetheless. I believe the birth is a scheduled cesarean. Why not bump it to Tuesday? I’m just saying…..

Well, She Got The Bucket Part Right

Its funny that I just moved from GMac to Win McMurry in one post because the two used to be fuck buddies. G thought he crushed her by dumping her right before he won the 2010 U.S. Open. I seriously doubt that because she’s actually a bit of a whore. Look, I think Win was sweetheart of a personality on the Golf Channel and she’s obviously hot, but fucking everyone you can to get ahead does make you a whore.  That is an undeniable fact.

She dated Michael Phelps. Yeah, the swimmer douche who can’t hit a golf ball on the club face no matter what Hank Haney tells him. That’s pretty bad. So why am I bringing her up today? Well, Win is the latest D list celebrity to exhaust us with her version of the insufferable ICE bucket challenge. She’s also in a bikini so I’m obligated to show you.

Ummmm…….sweet tits……you missed the whole thing about ice actually being in the bucket, you know. On a side note, Win apparently doesn’t work at the Golf Channel anymore. Is she going to Fox with Holly? I have no clue. The interwebs don’t have much info and her own website hasn’t been updated to provide any clues.

Chella The Cheater?

Last week at the Canadian Women’s Open, Chella Choi appeared to finish her round on the right side of the cut line on Friday afternoon. Stop if you’ve heard this before, a viewer called in to raise an issue about how Ms. Choi marked her ball on the 10th green. I can’t embed the video here because my version of WordPress blows donkey balls, but you can check it out on the Golf Channel’s site linked here.

First of all, she’s using an orange ball. Just fucking DQ her right there. In all seriousness, if you watched the video you can clearly see her malicious act that got her a two stroke penalty. There is no mistaking what she did and the LPGA officials did what they had to in hitting her the penalty. Where this gets weird is that she didn’t agree with the tour’s action and she decided to withdraw from the event. It really didn’t matter because the penalty cost her making the cut in the first place, but her protest makes her look like a cunt. The fact that she’s so defiant in this even with the video showing her breach, well…..I don’t think you’ll see sponsors knocking on her door anytime soon. Don’t you just love women’s golf?

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2 Responses to GMac Reproduces, Win’s Ice Bucket Fail, And Chella Choi Cheats: Hump Day Musings

  1. says:

    HUMMMM, didn’t know about Win and GMac. I believe I did hear something about Paul Casey and one of the GC girls. Same one???? Sergio and little boys? Hum curious, he is posting selfies of him and his GF, Fiance’ or who ever she is. I find it interesting that she is all over the media coverage, how wonderful she is and how she has made his life paridise etc etc choke choke, but when ask about the diamond ring – it is between them and no one else?!?!?! Ahh can you say “make up your Fing mind?”

  2. Big Jim Spooner says:

    There is no diamond ring because she is Sergio’s new beard! He is a master at making the world think he is not a Peter Puffer.

    And Win is a complete idiot. Look, an excuse to wear a bikini and dump water on myself. I mean good for her, she has major talent in the looks category. But brains? Elevator only goes up to the tits.

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