Tiger Hearts Rory & Vice Versa

After The Show They Grabbed Dinner And Banged Seven Hookers

Last year when Nike signed Rory McIlroy to a $250 million contract some (ok, probably just me) speculated that this was the beginning of the end for Tiger and Nike. There was even chatter (still likely just me) that Tiger wouldn’t like the spotlight being taken from him, especially from his boy Phil Knight and the golf brand of the Phil’s company that wouldn’t be there without Tiger. Clearly that way of thinking was nonsensical in every way you could imagine. Tiger and Rory now have a full blown bromance going on. It is actually kind of cute, in a gay sort of way.

That clip is nine minutes of footage showing the entire appearance by the dynamic duo on the Tonight Show which aired August 18th. If you didn’t see it, then thank me later for saving you the pain of watching Bill Cosby have 5 strokes in the prior segment. If you could get past Tiger dressing like an extra from A Night At The Roxbury then you know Rors and TW were booked on the show by their bosses at Nike to promote the new Vapor irons that they ‘helped’ design. Like any good company men, they put on their smiles and pretended like they wanted to be there to shill their product. In some ways, I think Tiger actually likes doing things like this and he’s enjoying time with Rory. He’s always been a different cat (pun intended) when it comes to his pals, how he socializes, etc.

He has his friends like Notah Begay, Byron Bell and Jerry Chang that are his old stand-bys that make up a group in which he’ll always be the alpha of. Then he has his friends like Barkley, Federer, and Michael Jordan which are his contemporaries from other walks of sport. In golf, he hasn’t had anyone in that group, at least not that are currently playing (Jack and Arnie are too old to count)……until now. Rory is entering this neighborhood, and while I’d bet a mortgage payment that Tiger sees Rors as a little brother, he also respects him, his game, and enjoys the fact that Rory idolizes him. For a narcissist like Tiger, that’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Just look at these two love birds fulfilling their ice-bucket challenge obligation on the Twitter.

By the way, that fucking thing can’t go away soon enough.

I Bet Tiger Even Calls Him The Morning After

What does any of this mean other than my random thoughts being spewed on to permanent record on the interwebs? I think it means plenty. Look at how Tiger sized Rory up in the video from Fallon, how he even had to force a compliment out of his mouth to praise Rory’s recent run. That had to be tough on the Big Cat, but it also means he sees McIlroy as a serious threat to him.

If this friendship does one thing as it blossoms, it will motivate Tiger for the next handful of years like nothing else will. He knows he can’t dominate again, but he’s going to try like hell to hold off McIlroy and still catch Jack. If at the same time Rory is the match lights a fire under his ass, so be it. Rory might even be the reason those Tiger/Butch Harmon rumors are becoming more prevalent than ever.

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1 Response to Tiger Hearts Rory & Vice Versa

  1. Brotkopf says:

    Amen Brother. I’m so sick of the damn Ice Bucket Challenge. The only good thing about it is that the money is going to charity. Otherwise, it’s annoying as fuck.

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