Villegas Wins Wyndham: Final Thoughts On Wildcard Weekend

Where did Camilo Come From? 

Before today Camilo Villegas hadn’t won on tour in four years. The once ‘next big thing’ that rocked a Tiger-less Fed Ex Cup playoff run in 2008 didn’t even have a top ten finish all year. But a funny thing called motivation hits all sorts of players in the week of golf that is sandwiched between the PGA Championship and the upcoming Fed Ex events. You see, if you’re outside of the top 125 after this week your season is over. You’re also looking at playing on the Tour or fighting for your life in some stage of Q-school (I have no clue how Q-school works these days). That’s why the Wyndham was being tagged as Wildcard Weekend. It didn’t disappoint.

Camilo Villegas

Camilo started his day 4 shots behind Nick Watney and raced out to a front nine 29 to get everyone’s attention. His back nine was stellar but not spectacular and included 8 pars and a two putt birdie on the par five 15th. He posted a final round 63 and a clubhouse lead of 17 under with Watney, Slocum, Haas and Jacobson on his heels and still on the course. When all three stumbled on the 18th, Camilo was the winner by default, and I don’t think anyone had him pegged to play well here to start the week.

I can’t figure out what today’s win truly means to Villegas. He probably thinks it means all his hard work is paying off and he’s going to be a contender in more tournaments throughout the next year or so. I’m not sure I could agree with that. This was almost fluky in a way. He had two great rounds to bookend this tournament, but the 2nd and 3rd rounds were just….meh, but tour standards. Then to have Watney and others hand him this thing without a fight, it seems like his win was more of a right place/right time kind of thing.

Camilo’s Girl

No, it’s not what he sees when he looks in the mirror. And for all of you that think a tiny metro sexual Colombian man is gay, well….shame on you. From what the interwebs tell me, Mr. Villegas does quite well in the ‘laying pipe’ department. However, this woman, Maria Ochoa, is what shows up when ask the Google machine who is girlfriend is.

camilo gf2

camilo gf

Maybe she’s got a great set of knockers under there and we can’t see them. When I look at her only one word comes to mind. ‘Handsome’ is that word. Maybe those rumors about Camilo were started about people that know more than the rest of the internet does.

The Field

Heath Slocum (that’s what she said, re: slow cum if you’re not getting it) set himself up to make up for a year of shitty golf by knocking off a big win at the Wyndham. His late bombs on 15 for eagle and 16 for birdie had him tied with Camilo and looking good to not only get the win but to move into the top 125, play next week, and hold on to his exempt status on the PGA Tour. His exasperating bogies on the subsequent holes probably felt like his doctor checking his prostate once he had time to think about what he’d just done. He finished 129th in Fed Ex Points.

Nick Watney made only one bogey in the first 54 holes of the tournament. He made two on Sunday plus that double we all saw after hitting his tee shot O.B. on the last hole. That was bad luck thanks to a shitty bounce. This is also one of the many times that Watney has failed to close a 54 hole lead. The good news for Nick is that his game is showing signs of life for the first time all year. He also played well in Tahoe two weeks ago. Earlier this week the Golf Channel revealed why Nick has struggled all year. It seems he and the Mrs. had their first child last spring. Being a new dad has never been great for anyone’s golf game.

When Sunday started all eyes were on the Webb Simpson/Brand Snedeker pairing that was a few shots back of the leaders. All eyes were on them because they were the biggest names outside of Watney that could threaten to win and both were also expected to be auditioning for Tom Watson’s Ryder Cup team. I think a win by either would have locked up a spot. Instead neither put up much of a fight and could easily be passed by if a player like Watney stayed hot and won in the next two weeks. Yeah, you read that right. A win by Watney in NYC or Boston to go with a good showing this week and boom….I think Watson has to take him.

Au Revoir For Ogilvie

Duke grad Joe Ogilvie has been a PGA Tour journey man for over 20 years. He’s had a lucrative career but has played awful for some time now and didn’t make enough money or Fed Ex points this year in his limited starts to gain exempt status for the 2014/2015 season. Joe’s no idiot. He’s a financial wiz who has decided not to beg for sponsor invites to make a living. Instead he’s going to focus on being a full-time investment banker.

Golf Channel broke the news earlier this week that Joe was hanging up his spikes. And TGC also took note when Joe walked up this last hole at the Wyndham to complete his 399th event on tour. Ogilvie is also the odds on favorite to be the next commissioner of the tour. This investment banking thing may only be temporary.

Tv Time

I’ve stayed away from commenting on the broadcasting abilities of the various networks that cover golf this season. Unless something was absolutely awful or done brilliantly I’ve learned to let it go. Not today. Not with that shameful effort from CBS. Peter Kostis is a pro’s pro. He was fine. He’s not getting dragged into this. Nantz couldn’t work for some reason this week. Same with Faldo. The overtime work last week at the PGA must have hurt their vaginas. McCord and Feherty. MIA, don’t ask me why. That left us with Pete, Rich Beem, Finchy, and Bill fucking MacAtee. Why couldn’t they get Oosite to drive over from Charlotte where he lives and work the weekend??? He did the Thursday/Friday stuff for the Golf Channel.

Shame on those guys for blowing off the Wyndham, but shame on CBS for thinking Bill is a suitable replacement. He’s like a robot. A unik. No personality, just a voice that puts you to sleep on your couch. Then, with the tournament at full throat and Villegas in at 17 under, Slocum, Jacobson, and Watney are all playing the 18th with something on the line and he’s asleep at the wheel. With Watney’s tee shot sitting on the wrong side of the out of bounds stakes, MacAtee had no clue that the tournament belonged to Camilo once Jacobson’s par putt missed. He had to be told from the producers and Finchy still beat him to the punch. How in god’s name is that possible? For all Nantz’ faults, at least he has a pulse in the tower and knows what the fuck is going on within the tourney. Billy Mac is dead to me.


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