Jimmy Disses Tour Players, Tour Zings Back

How Did Fallon Omit A Shot A Phil? 

Last night on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon decided to take some pot shots at several PGA Tour players based on how they appear in the tour’s media guide. What followed was priceless, but not without consequences.

The Duck having to take a shit? Yeah, that’s good. How does he not see ‘the rapist’ in Jimenez? The Biden joke was weak. Hole-in-one Direction, solid. Metrosexual Ernie is pretty good. The shot at de Jonge…..Satan and an egg???? Ok. The joke at Chris Kirk, well even Kirk took to Twitter to say he needed a new head shot.

What’s funny to me is Jimmy’s sidekick making jokes at these guys. Fat fucker looks like Gumby and Buddy Holly had a love child. Steve Higgins, voted most likely to blow Jimmy Fallon for pure enjoyment.

The Empire Strikes Back

The tour went to bat for its members and defended them, as they should. They took Jimmy to task by releasing the following tweet.

I think someone in Ponte Vedra dropped the mic as they left the office today. Nice work, and good fun by both parties.

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