PGA Championship: Round 3

The Horse Race Puns Will Be Out Of Control

Saturday action at Valhalla will be tough to top in the final round on Sunday. The contenders in the PGA Championship gave us a little bit of everything in round three. So where to we go from here? Well, by my count there are likely only nine guys that can still win this. I’ll give everyone at 9 under or better a chance. Eight under? Rory is at 13, he’s going to shoot no worse than 69 on Sunday. That means a guy at 8 is going to have to shoot 65 or better to have a chance. There hasn’t been a round lower than 65 yet in the championship and I don’t expect one on Sunday.

How’d we get here? Well, birdies were flying off the shelf throughout the Saturday action, except from Rory McIlroy, at least until the back nine. Rory didn’t play poorly, he just wasn’t able to put his game into its 5th gear until he birdied 3 or his last 4 holes. It was almost as if he needed to be pushed before he could react. The contenders chased him down, tied him, and then he woke up and got to work. Rory now enters Sunday with a one shot lead over…..

Who The Fuck Is Bernd Wiesberger?

The man once labeled the “Austrian Big Easy”, Bernd is a Euro Tour player that is playing in his 6th major. This is the 2nd cut he made. He has 2 Euro Tour wins and is ranked 70th in the world. He’s no slouch, but how will he hold up under the pressure of being in the final group of a major paired with the number 1 player in the world? I think we’ll find out early. I expect CBS to stop showing Bernd by about the 7th hole.

That is Wiesberger (pronounced Vees-burger) and girlfriend Claudia Steinmann. She doesn’t excite me therefore I’m not going to be rooting for the Austrian today.

All-Time Par

If you watched the 3rd round of the PGA you saw what was an all-timer of a par from Jason Day on the 2nd hole. He pull hooked his tee shot across the creek into the tall grass. The entire area is marked as a hazard. You could see from the blimp view that he’d be able to play the ball and advance it if he could find it. With help from CBS’ David Feherty (who crossed the creek in his shoes and pants), Day and his caddie found the ball. You can see below how Day made his way across the creek.

After figuring out what to do, where the ball was, and what club he needed, he was literally tossed a club to put the ball back into play.

Day advanced it to 70 yards short and right of the green in the rough but left himself a great angle at the hole.

He pitched up to about 12 feet and made the putt for par. As the CBS boys noted, the whole ordeal did seem to settle Day into the round. He didn’t have his A game and once the final twosome turned to the back nine it was clear he was doing all he could just to keep within shouting distance of Rory. By carding a 2 under 69 he did just that, but he won’t be playing along side McIlroy on Sunday.

Who Ya Got? 

I don’t think you’ll find many people picking against Rory McIlroy, but as I write this I hear half the Golf Channel analysts picking other players. The penultimate group of Mickelson and Fowler will be popular if you’re looking for a winner that isn’t from Northern Ireland. I could see pals Rickie and Bitch Tits feeding off each other if both are playing well. That group alone is why Sunday at Valhalla has so much potential. And fuck the majors this year to date, we’re owed some drama at this point. If this thing doesn’t end up in a 6 man playoff I’m going to be disappointed.

I expect this to be about 80 percent in favor of Rory, but it is still a SFG tradition. Weigh in and tell us who’s winning the PGA Championship.



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