PGA Championship: Round 2

Burn Their Editors At The Stake currently has Rory McIlroy on their front page with the title, “It’s Over”. They must be witches or have a crystal ball that no one else does because last I checked this thing is far from over. Rory has a few things going in his favor. For instance, he’s won every major in which he’s started with 2 sub 70 rounds. And, of the 3 majors he’s won, they’ve all been played on rain softened golf courses. But that doesn’t mean a guy with a one shot lead has anything locked up. Jason Day is an absolute gamer. He’s one shot back and he’ll relish playing with Rory on Saturday in the final group. JD’s 2nd round 65 was the round of the day, but he left some out there. I’m not predicting he goes out and shoots a better round tomorrow, but he’s not going away, nagging thumb injury be damned.

After Day there’s a few other guys with pedigree that aren’t going to lay over and hand this to Rory. Fowler, Furyk, Phil, Stenson, Oosthuizen, they’re all within shouting distance and hungry for a major championship. This is going to be a fun weekend.

Hope In Lefty

FIGJAM is the one guy I named above that I don’t trust to be in contention until the back nine on Sunday. How could anyone? He hasn’t played his best, but he hung tough and waited for a few birdies to show up and save him the last few days. Today that stretch was where he went 4 under from holes 7 to 14. His hiccup at 15 was made up for with ease when he made a 3 on the final hole.

Clearly the crowd is behind him (when aren’t they?). Phil still doesn’t have a top ten this year, but this is a step in the right direction and could be cause for Tom Watson to have one less drink tonight.

I’m Going Through Withdrawal

Well, most of the field is anyway. Kuchar and Duf-daddy pulled out yesterday. Cabrera, Aphipbarnrat, Boo, and Ben Crane WD’d today. I believe each of these are injury related, however, all except Kooch who never teed off were well over par when they decided to call it a week. Are they simply embarrassed about losing to club pros? Do they have too much ego to stick it out in the rain and shoot an 80?

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At least for Tom Watson’s sake none of his prized Ryder Cup players pulled up lame today. And by the way, Watson missed the cut as well but still kicked Tiger’s ass again. So did another former PGA Champ.

Ouch. And so long to Y.E. It was nice knowing you.

Shut It Down Tiger

Ooofff….that was hard to watch. Tiger did something to his back again today early in his round. It appeared to be another tweak from him ripping a fairway wood off a side hill lie. Then we had to watch the shell of his former self that he has become lumber around Valhalla hitting shots that we’d expect to see in a pro-am. I felt like I was watching a hurt animal limp around after being struck by a car. He didn’t have it, he looked like he was ready to leave after his tee shot on 7, but he stuck it out and finished for some reason no one can actually put a finger on.

I guess I’ll give him some credit for finishing a tournament for once. Now look at those stats in the above tweet for this season. What a strange 2014 PGA Tour season we’ve seen. I can’t see any scenario for Woods playing in the Ryder Cup. He can’t walk 36 holes in a day, let alone play golf. He cannot be a pick. If that message finally gets through to his head, then he should be giving up on any more golf until he feels 100% healthy again. Where he’ll play again I have no idea, but it sounds like a poll so weigh in below. I’ll go with La Jolla in January.

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