PGA Championship: Round 1

Wood Trails By A Shot

That is not a typo. Chris Wood trails leaders Ryan Palmer, Kevin Chappell, and Lee Westwood by a shot after one round at the 2014 PGA Championship. As for Woods, with an ‘s’….i.e. Tiger, he fucking sucked. And what else could you reasonably expected with what he’s shown to date coming back from his surgery. Throw in some time off, no full practice rounds, etc, he never had a chance. And now his 2nd round on Friday afternoon at Valhalla likely becomes his 2014 season. Make the cut, move up, contend and get some Fed Ex points and maybe Tom Watson could still pick him for the team. Miss the cut, no points, and go home…..Watson will have to tell him to stay home from Gleneagles in September.

Everybody has an opinion of what is wrong with him. This beauty from Nobilo and Chamblee is interesting. In summation, TW’s round was a mess. Few birdies, found the water hazard, double crosses, leaving putts short, and of course this beauty that is sure to get him a fine from either the tour or the PGA of America. Listen closely while you watch.

Tiger played with Phil in what should have been the glamour pairing of the morning. But his round sputtered and Phil’s wasn’t the cleanest either. Lefty did right the ship to shoot 69 which didn’t hurt him on day 1 of the championship. I’ll be curious to see what Friday brings for these two. The course may soften up thanks to a large storm cell approaching the Louisville area. It also means there might not be much golf played tomorrow if the thunder and lightning stick around too long. I can’t imagine damp conditions while starting and stopping your round a few times will be good for a bad back.


Last Man Standing Is In

Lee Westwood leading a major isn’t that unusual, at least not on a Thursday. Therefore the biggest story of the day is really the WDs from two American stars that should be teeing it up for Tom Watson’s Ryder Cup team. First, Matt Kuchar cited a back injury as the reason for his departure from Kentucky. “Aww shucks Matty” told the PGA that he couldn’t go before his tee time. Therefore, 1st alternate Johnny Huh got in the field and took Matt’s tee time. Huh figured he was in after Tiger walked off Firestone last week. It took a while, but he made finally made it. Kudos to Kooch for pulling out early enough to give Huh the opportunity. No word form Kuchar on how long he thinks he’ll be out.

Defending champ Jason Dufner also took the WD route after being +8 for 10 holes. Duf said he’s got a disk issue in his neck and he’s been playing in pain for too long. He’s sick of it, it isn’t any fun, and he’s done until it heals up. That’s a smart move, but given his Ryder Cup status he’ll likely get passed this weekend and bumped from an automatic qualifying spot. The good news for Duf is that he’ll likely get bumped by FIGJAM who would have been a captain’s pick anyway. Now Watson can use the pick on Dufner or he could still qualify if Kuchar has to sit it out. Dufner also thinks he could be back as soon as the Barclays in New Jersey in two weeks.

If I was a healthy American golfer ranked in the top 9 spots for Ryder Cup automatic qualifiers I’d be walking on egg shells and watching out for black cats right about now. They’re dropping like flies. The bad omens are mounting for Team U.S.A. Next we’ll find out they’re sailing to Scotland on the Titanic.


The other interesting round 1 anecdote came out of the Rory, Bubba, Kaymer group (this years major winners to date). Sure, Rors shot a 66 with a double and is one shot back of the leaders, but we’re getting used to that. No, this one had to do with Bubba, golf’s dick of the week, week after week. Bubba often forgets that he’s a golfer that is paid large sums of money to entertain fans. On Tuesday he opted out of a long drive contest that benefited charities. Today he decided that after nearly a decade of being a professional golfer, he didn’t want caddie Ted Scott providing club information to the TV people. What. The. Fuck.

Gerry, the only reason there is golf on TV is because people have an interest in it and an interest in you. They want information and details. They’re not bothering you for it, they’re getting a hand signal from Ted that goes to a TV guy and gets said on the air. Why in gods name do you give a shit what they know about your club selection? These aren’t missile codes or the Bush’s Baked Beans recipe. Give the people what they want! This fuckwad is one more dipshit moment caused by his insecurity away from losing fans at an alarming rate.


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3 Responses to PGA Championship: Round 1

  1. says:

    WTF is wrong wi Bubba anyway?! Is he trying to be a diva? I realize he is probbly mad at himself but all he is doing is making a lot of fans go away. I thought he was great when he first came on tour – a breathe of fresh air from al e boring guys. Now I think he is an a$$. He needs to pray more or something.

  2. BB says:

    Count me as one who has lost respect for Bubba. If it came out he’s bipolar or something then we can give the guy a break, otherwise he’s solidly in hypocrite douchebag territory.

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