Open Championship: Round 2

Premature Speculation

I’m on lock down later today, so I’m writing this Round 2 post a bit prematurely. As I sit and watch Rors play the back nine I see on my Twitter feed way too much speculation that Rory McIlroy is about to run away with this thing. I’m not buying. He’s playing great, but he’s also bit extremely fortunate with some of his misses and made the most of his opportunities. There is too much talent on the leaderboard, too much golf left, and too much shit weather coming for the weekend that could change everything in a heart beat.

I picked Sergio this week, so cross him off the list of threats to McIlroy. Tiger is done, and played almost exactly as I predicted he would through 36 holes. But Adam Scott, Dustin Johnson, Charl Schwartzel….there is a lot of fire power right there behind Rors that isn’t going anywhere. If Rory wins, it won’t be because he ran off and hit with a 5+ shot lead.

Looper Loses Boss’ Driver

In other Friday news from Hoylake, Justin Rose had an interesting start to his 2nd round of the Open Championship. Rose’s caddie, Mark Fulcher (who is a great follow on Twitter, BTW) attempted to send a few Taylormade drivers to friends of his in England. The problem, he included the wrench his boss wanted in his bag in the shipment. The mistake was noticed early enough to eventually get Rose his driver on the front nine of his round, but he played at least a few holes without the big stick.

Nothing can cool off a hot golfer like a huge distraction from his caddie. Rose didn’t play well on Thursday and he wasn’t likely to contend this weekend anyway, but I can’t imagine he was all too pleased about being without a driver he won with last week while playing in a major this week.

It Isn’t His Type

Phil Mickelson’s Open defense started off with a +2 round of 74 and a missed cut looked like a distinct possibility for the weekend. FIGJAM battled back on Friday with a solid -2 round of 70 to put himself currently at level par and tied for 30th. He also laid this gem on golf fans that is going viral as we read/speak/type.

FIGJAM being FIGJAM. We’ll always have the 2013 Open, won’t we Phil.

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