Open Championship: Round 1

It Was Thursday, So Of Course Rory McIlroy Went Low

I don’t think anyone of us is surprised to see that Rory McIlroy leads the Open Championship after one round. Rory has gone low on Thursday at the Scottish Open, the Memorial, and several other tournaments this year. Round 1 isn’t his issue. Fridays are. What Rors does tomorrow will likely make or break his championship in 2014 and this is an issue that has to be weighing on him now. I don’t think he’ll back up his 66 with any thing under 70. He’s not going to run away and hide from the rest of the field like he did at Congressional and Kiawah. Personally, I’d set his over/under at 73 and feel good making a bet that one of his Friday 9s is a 40 or worse. That’s the trend he is on, and when you’re under pressure at a major and thinking about shitty Friday rounds, your trend is likely to continue.

The weather is supposed to start getting dodgy at Royal Liverpool over the next 3 days. I’m not sure how that will impact McIlroy. At Kiawah the shit weather blew in and he separated from the field. At St. Andrews in 2010 he opened with a low round and followed it up with an 80 in gale force winds on Friday. All eyes will be on Rors in round 2. Will he crack? It will be interesting viewing either way.

Your Day Might Have Sucked, But This Guy’s Was Worse

When Tiger Woods is on the tee, you need to pay attention because the likelihood of a foul ball coming at you increases significantly. So what the fuck was this guy doing when Tiger got up and wailed away at his tee ball on the 17th hole today?

Pow! Right in the kisser. That was brutal, he has to me more alert to his location and surroundings. As for Tiger, I didn’t see a lick of the ESPN3 shit that was all him all the time. I was impressed with the 69 TW shot and think the Big Cat’s chances in this championship now seem to be more reliant on what kind of draw he has with relation to the weather. I also wonder how his back will react to cold and damp weather throughout the rest of the week.

On The Tee From U.S.A….

For me, part of the charm of the Open Championship comes from the host course, and the rest all comes from Ivor Robson. Who the fuck is Ivor Robson you ask? You know him and love him, you just don’t know his name. Ivor is the starter for the R&A that has worked over 30 Opens to date. Round 1 at the Open is a big day for Mr. Robson. Not only does he announce 156 golfers and their home country, but he does so without a single error in a tone and pitch that are very unique to him

Yeah, that’s the guy. Ivor has become slightly famous for his gig, famous enough in fact of have several tour players be able to imitate him on demand. You can check out the video that ESPN put together covering this here.

Els Rattled

The marshal that got tagged in the face by Tiger Woods had nothing on the spectator that Ernie Els drilled in the face off the first tee in round 1. Els hit a quick hook off the tee that drilled a 60 some year old man right in his face. There was blood everywhere and Els felt bad about it because he even considered asking the marshals to move people before he hit. The bloody scene rattle the Big Easy and then this happened when he went to tap in for bogey.

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Um, Ernie Els just three putted from two feet.

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The big man lost his shit. That’s a triple bogey 7 to start your championship and the image of a bloodied fan that stuck with you all day. Clearly, a player with the pedigree of Els should be able to overcome that, but E2 never did snap out of it and posted a horrid 79 to kill his chances at winning another major.



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