Open Championship: Day 3

This Is Starting To Feel Like Childbirth

Not that I actually know what that feels like, I’m talking more generally about the anticipation of such an event. The Masters is great, so is the U.S. Open, but because this is the first major of 2014 with Tiger, it sorta feels like New Years Day, or Christmas, or something else you wait a long time for in anticipation. I’m on vacation from the real world this week so time is at a bit of a standstill, in a good way, yet all I can do is think about when this godforsaken golf tournament is going to start. I’d like to be able to tell you I’ll be one of the ones that gets up at 4 am to watch Tiger play on ESPN3, but I’m more likely to go on a bender tonight and sleep right through his whole fucking round. That’s life, and that’s what DVRs are for.

But I’m curious as to what ESPN’s little TW360 experiment will look like, what it will produce, who will watch, etc. Sounds like a poll, doesn’t it?


Other News On Another Slow News Day

Usually when an old man farts in the wind I ignore it because it is meaningless and smells like shit. Today Gary Player told some golf journos something a little more interesting than a fart (and no, it had nothing to do with Arnold Palmer shitting on a green in Japan). Player emphatically stated that if Tiger Woods had never changed his swing from the one he won the Tiger Slam with in 2000-2001 he would have 24 major championship trophies right now. While I tend to agree with the spirit of that thought, Player’s statement heavily discounts something that has been the main obstacle stopping TW from winning majors in the last six years….injuries.

Injuries aside and I’m right with the old man. Tiger’s swing was perfect, and that’s why Adam Scott copied it to perfection and is now the number one player in the world. I know Tiger thinks he needed to change it to prevent injuries and all that bullshit, but that’s exactly what that thought is…..its bullshit. Tiger is a perfectionist, and he believed a different swing would make him better. It was a greedy and foolish decision. End of story.

The R&A also made news today at the Open by stating that they now require players to sign a waiver which states that they will not gamble on the Open Championship. The U.S. tour and the Euro tour already have rules against this, however, players have been known to bet on the Open Championship regardless of such rules. Gambling on sports is of course legal in England, which makes the whole waiver a bit fucking stupid if you ask me.

It’s not like these guys are betting on themselves to lose, that’s not a bet anyone would take. If they want to bet on a guy to win, or themselves, what is the harm? This goes on at member-guests invitationals across the world, it is part of the fabric of golf. One tour player told that that 30 to 50 players will bet on the championship either way. I’m a little surprised said player thinks the number is that low.

Ok, enough of the bullshit and chit chat. Get this thing started. T-minus 8 hours to Tiger!

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