Rosie Takes Quicken At Congo: Final Thoughts On Tiger’s Tourney

Rose Wins 2nd U.S. Op…….Errrr…….Wait A Second

Well, that’s what it felt like, didn’t it? The Quicken National felt like an old school U.S. Open minus Mike Davis’ fun short par 4s and graduated rough. What happened at the 2011 U.S. Open when Rory McIlroy prison-sexed a saturated Congressional was seen as an embarrassment to the club. They want the course to be known as tough and championship worthy, therefore two the the last three years since McIlroy’s blowout win the winning scores have been quite high and the course has been set up under U.S. Open conditions with thick rough and small fairways. In other words, they’re an embarrassed high school girl that’s trying to get the attention of a boy they like (the USGA).

So what happens when you get a 2nd U.S. Open played in the month of June? You get an open-like champion in a guy like Justin Rose who won this event at Congo four years ago. Rose’s week started off with a dog shit round of golf in which he shot a 40 on the front nine on Thursday. His 74 probably left him thinking more about the cut than contending, but a 65 on a Friday at a tough course will make you change your thinking pretty quickly.

Rose’s final round 70 wasn’t pretty, unless of course you like to watch a grinder at work. Justin trailed 54 hole leader Patrick Reed by three shots when action began on Sunday, but Reed’s final round 77 that was chocked full of doubles took Mr. Top Five out of contention by the time he hit the halfway house. Rose was steady and converted up and down opportunities and clutch putts when he needed to post a 4 under total. It should have been 5 under, but Rosie got greedy after hitting his tee shot in the trees on the 72nd hole. His recovery hooked a hair too much and bound into the drink by the green. He had to make a 15 footer just to secure his bogey.

Rose’s 280 total was matched by Shawn Stefani who just missed his birdie at 18 that would have won the tournament. Stefani didn’t see how Rose played the 18th in regulation as he was a group or two behind. In the playoff, Shawn produced nearly a carbon copy of the three shots Rose hit to the green on that same hole in regulation (plus the penalty). With Rose in the fairway and Stefani’s ball rinsed, the 2014 version of the Quicken Loans National was essentially over.

Now let me stop for a moment and riddle you this. What was Rose trying to do when he retrieved his ball from the hazard on 18?

It is a comical moment, but why would any tour pro that gets every ball they play for free grab one from the water they hit it in? This makes no sense to me.

For Rose that’s a win in each of the last 5 years on the PGA Tour and 6 in his career (5 more than Lee Westwood, BTW). He’s obviously rounding in to form for the British Open at Hoylake and will be one of the betting favorites at Royal Liverpool. And all you freaks can think about is what his wife looks like, right? I bet Pavlov had similar thoughts when training his dogs, but I digress. I showed you Mrs. Rose last year when he won the U.S. Open, but I know you’re here for more and I don’t want to disappoint.

That’s Kate Phillips-Rose in the two pics above, she’s not bad for a Brit.

That’s not Kate Rose, obviously that is Kate Upton. I just needed to make sure you were still paying attention. Stop starring at her huge tits and scroll down before your boss walks by.

The Field

For Shawn Stefani this one obviously feels a bit like it got away. In my opinion, he played the best today but didn’t win. His shot to the 17th green that ended up in an awkward spot and subsequent bogey are probably going to keep him up tonight. If not that, then poor decision to play an aggressive recovery shot that finished in the hazard in the playoff with Rose will also haunt him. For a player of Shawn’s stature, he should take nothing away from this week but positives. He played great at a classic venue and lost to a major champion. He also finished high enough to get an invitation to the British Open that is two weeks away. Win-win.

Jordan Spieth got paired with Tiger in rounds 1 and 2 and people forgot he even played golf for a few days. Then he quietly worked his way back up the leaderboard, posted even par and finished T12 for the week. The kid is pretty damn good even in his off weeks. Patrick Reed has been off the fucking planet for about 2 months now missing cuts and playing shit golf. That’s not entirely his fault, his wife just had their first child as you might recall. Still, Reed was back on track this week and primed to nail down his 4th win in 10 months as the 54 hole overnight leader. He was all over the map for his first six holes making doubles, birdies, bogies, and not a single par. Still, at the turn he was in the hunt until he horribly mishit his tee shot into the drink at the par three 10th and dropped f-bombs all over the CBS broadcast. I loved it.

And Tiger, yeah….he played, remember? By now you know he missed the cut on Friday and it wasn’t even close. He told the media he was healthy and felt good. I think he hit it okay, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how a guy who could do nothing but chip and putt while healing from back surgery could show up to Congressional with such a shitty short game. Tiger gave indications that he played this week because of what it meant to the sponsor. If this is true, then why the fuck didn’t he hang around to play nice with Faldo, Nantz, the Quicken guys, and give Rosie the trophy? Tiger playing and staying healthy in itself is still a step in the right direction for him and for golf. He won’t play Greenbrier next week, but he should be good to go at Hoylake.

Short Pants And Tantrums

Those four words sum up Freddie Jacobson’s weekend at Congo. To support his tailor and to cool off a bit, Fred wore plus-twos in the 3rd and 4th rounds of the Quicken National. He looked stupid for doing so. And then we got to hear Ian Baker-Finch tell us what the difference between plus-twos and plus-fours was…..apparently the plus-fours are more bulbous.

This is the guy they call the “Junkman” remember. The guy that often plays with an untucked shirt. Plus-twos aren’t a good look for him, especially with that stupid hat he wears.

On Sunday Freddie started out in contention and things got away from him on the back nine. His frustration started to show and it finally got the best of him as shown in this tweet:

I love it when professionals lose their shit. Why? Because we’ve all been there. This game is hard and they usually make it look so easy. When they show frustration it makes me feel just a little bit better about myself and it makes them look human. The more of that we see on tour the better.

The Ice Bucket Challenge

I don’t get it, but by now you’ve probably seen some tweets or other media that talk about the Ice Bucket Challenge. Michelle Wie did it, Rickie Fowler did it, and Keegan Bradley did it. Then they call out whomever they want to challenge to do the same. Here’s Keegan’s version.

How is that really a challenge? Isn’t it just getting your shirt wet (if you’re wearing one)? I don’t find it interesting, but I’m becoming a cranky old man that is a wet blanket. Perhaps I’ll do one and challenge Maria Verchenova and Kirsty Gallacher to take it.

If we rename it the “Wet T-Shirt” challenge and girls start posting about it on Instagram I’ll have to change my tune.

Shot Of The Tournament

Was there one on Sunday? Congo played tough, but these guys weren’t at their best either. They really played like shit. If I had to pick one shot I’d go with it would be Rose’s hybrid from the deep rough. Since I don’t have to pick one from Sunday only I’ll go with Peter Hanson’s ace from earlier in the week that won some random person a year’s worth of mortgage payments (up to $12K) paid by the title sponsor.

If Hanson’s ace had been at the 10th instead of the 2nd hole, he’d get $1,000,000 from Quicken. The mortgage company from the Motor City will be doing this at every tour event for the rest of the year. That could make things interesting.

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2 Responses to Rosie Takes Quicken At Congo: Final Thoughts On Tiger’s Tourney

  1. Brotkopf says:

    Good stuff. Rosie won this event in Philly in 2010. The Congo took a couple years off (2010 and 2011) from holding The Natty to get the course ready for the 2011 U.S. Open.

  2. danrock says:

    The putt for bogey that Rose made on 18 was amazing!
    I think Congressional should get another US Open. The 1997 version was one of the most exciting (remember Tom Lehman hitting into the water on what was then #17).

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