Prez Cup At Obama’s And Wie Twerks: Hump Day Musings

There’s No Truth To The Rumor That Uncle Joe Sucker Punched Him

In another effort to be the celebrity president that hangs out with the cool kids, President Obama invited the President’s Cup teams from 2013 to the White House on Tuesday while several of the players were already in town for the Quicken Loans tourney. The whole gang made it for the U.S. team, including their WAGS.  Even though Phil Mickelson isn’t playing this week, he made the trip on his plane with his family on their way to Europe to start their vacation. No, he didn’t take the opportunity to question Obama’s tax policies. Keegan Bradley tweeted the following Insty after Snedeker was spotted with blood coming from his mouth during pictures with O-man.

24 hours later, no one knows why Brandt was bleeding or how. I blame Biden. And I wonder how Obama felt knowing that not a single (except perhaps Tiger) person in that room voted for him in the last two elections. There really weren’t any good WAG or cleavage shots of the ladies, but the gallery is still fun to look at if you’re into that kind of shit and haven’t already seen them. I know you’re wondering, and the gallery can confirm this, the Secret Service did let Lindsey Vonn in even though there is a strict ‘no cattle’ policy since 1913 when President Taft had a cow living on the grounds to provide him with fresh milk every day. That’s no bullshit, pun intended, look it up.

Of course Keegs and Duf were in the house with their lovely WAGs and up to their typical hi-jinx.

Somehow that is very fitting of what we should expect of Duf daddy.

Twerking Hard

You’re 24, you’re single, you’re surrounded by good friends, and your life just peaked because you won your first major… are you celebrating? Yeah, a pile of blow and endless hookers seems obvious, but that formula wasn’t Michelle Wie’s ‘go-to’. Instead, Wie imbibed in some sort of alcoholic beverage (she’s gaining points from me this week) and drank it from the Harton S. Semple trophy.

Michelle Wie

Then she got her twerk on….

No, I’m dead fucking serious.

If only Tiger would have had social media around 14 years ago. Just think, we could have seen him in a gaggle of porn stars wearing his green jacket and pouring booze from the Clarret Jug into a bong held by caddie Stevie Williams. Thanks for being 15 years too late to the party technology!

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