Tom Gillis Is My Hero

I Think He Was Too Nice

This one broke late last week, but I’d be doing you all a tremendous disservice if I glossed over it. Forty-five year old journeyman professional from Michigan, Tom Gillis, was going about his business getting ready for his Thursday round at the Air Capital Classic in Wichita, Kansas. Gillis looked over his shoulder and noticed a female member of host site Crestview Country Club hitting balls next to him and tweeted the following:

It seems as though on mini-tours it is a common occurrence for the host members to have this kind of access to their facilities during tournament weeks. How many of them actually use it is unknown to me, but is seems like a rather cunty move by this chick. Gillis apparently agrees with me and later tweeted that the woman was yapping about hating the Tour being there. Gillis added the following to his earlier tweet:

Ha! Now that’s just fucking with them. Tom had plenty of support from his fellow pros who weighed in on the matter. The problem was that the rest of the state of Kansas was against him……

Stay Classy Wichita

Gillis made the cut and stuck around on the weekend to finish T22. Meanwhile, a viral campaign was launched to boo him like the Jayhawks were playing Mizzou each day he came to the par three 17th hole. And video exists for our viewing pleasure!!!!

Gillis was 1000 percent right here, but the tournament director doesn’t see it that way and is standing by the members and the local fans. He’s got his panties in a bunch and wants blood from Gillis. The journeyman pro will likely be fined in the very near future for his comments, but that fine should be worth it. He’s now a legend in my book.

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6 Responses to Tom Gillis Is My Hero

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  2. Capt. Hook says:

    You are usually right – but you are way off base (as is Tom Gillis) on this one. If the range is not closed (as in a PGA event) then it is OPEN for members and poor old Tommy better practice more so he can move up to the PGA where they have closed ranges during Tournos. The photos shows a huge area and tons of room for everyone. Why on earth would he be bothered by having her practice next to him? Did it put him off his game? He deserved to get booed – and a huge fine for being a dick. I hope this haunts him for a while.

  3. Billy Thomas says:

    Q: what kind of club doesn’t close the range during an event of this magnitude?

    A: a club run by morons.

    Hell, last year we hosted the State Am and for the entire week shut down the golf course and the practice facilities to everyone except the contestants. Our club is run by some smart guys.

  4. Tee-biz says:

    Crestview is clearly full of idiots. Close your range during a professional event and tell the dumb bitches like her to stay home.

  5. danrock says:

    You are clearly slipping…where is the bikini shot of the member?!

  6. Chris says:

    The range was closed. The member decided that she was better than everyone else and refused to leave when told to do so by club and tour staff. Then to boo and scream while he’s hitting shots is way out of line. Stay classy, Wichita.

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