Lucky 7 For Streels To Win In Hartford: Final Thoughts On Travelers

Not Bad For A Guy Not Shown By CBS Until His Putt On The 15th Hole

When CBS came on the air on Sunday in Connecticut they focused on Sergio Garcia, KJ Choi, Aaron (Dresses) Baddeley and even Marc Leishman. Kevin Streelman was no where in sight. Not only was he not on the air, but Streels wasn’t even on the first page and a half of the leaderboard. That’s when things got weird for everyone. Streelman was +2 for the final round through 7 holes. After his 64 on Saturday he appeared to have shot his load for the week. What was left to do but try to make some birdies coming in to increase the size of his check?

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(Graphic courtesy of @NoLayingUp via Twitter)

Streels told his caddie that he’d like to shoot 29 on the back. Then he went out and birdied his last 7 holes and one putted his final 10 greens for a 28. Yeah, that’s a record. In the history of the tour, no one has ever closed that strongly to win an event. Streels had a bit of luck on his side. The putt he made at 16 was a fucking miracle and my shot of the week (seen in the clip above).  And the fact not one of his challengers could muster a birdie on the final two holes to tie him was quite fortunate too.

ON FIRE: US golfer Kevin Streelman celebrates with the trophy after he finished with seven straight birdies to win The Travelers Championship this morning (NZT).

As CBS noted in their broadcast, 2014 hasn’t been easy for Streelman and family because their daughter was born prematurely. From what I can tell via Twitter and what CBS showed today, she seems to be doing quite well these days. Streels is well liked by his fellow tour pros. He’s a guy that earned it by logging billions of miles on the mini-tours. His peers know that and he’s a likeable guy. His first win in Tampa in March of 2013 was pretty popular across the tour and I think this one will rank right up there for both the Streelman’s and his peers. Streels is a strong Christian too, but did you hear him going on and on about it like Ben Crane did two weeks ago, or Webb and Bubba would? No. He mentioned a ‘study’ he had the other night (referring to Bible study) and that was that. That’s how you do it.

Wait, what’s that? You want to talk about his wife?


There she is, and you saw her on the CBS broadcast. Say what ever you’d like about her in the comments. For me, she’s ok, and I’m not going to go too hard on her as she’s birthed a child in the last year or less. That earns a pass for now.

The Field

For a while I thought we were going to get a battle of former can’t-miss-kids in Bads and Sergio. But Sergio’s putter didn’t hold up on 8 and 9 and then he couldn’t catch Streelman on the back nine. He played well and I wouldn’t say he blew it or choked. He got beat. Streelman’s performance was one for the ages and Sergio came up one shot short. He’ll kick himself for some of those short putts missed early in the round. Garcia could have built a cushion that was large enough that it couldn’t have been over come by Kevin’s back nine 28.

That guy right there? That guy is a bad mother fucker. And it is nice to see him back playing well in recent weeks. I was beginning to wonder if age had caught up with the 44 year old. KJ Choi’s T2 at Hartford shoes he’s back on track after tweaking his putter and making a swing change that was highlighted by Peter Kostis. After his showing this week, Choi will be a popular pick next week at Congressional where he has won before.

Where The Fuck Is Nantz? 

No Feherty, no McCord, no Nantz….what the fuck CBS? Mail it in all you want at the St. Jude. That’s fine, that is the week before the U.S. Open and you’ve just had a fairly taxing run at the Memorial, the Texas events, etc. Why aren’t they back at it at TPC of River Highlands the last week of June? The field is pretty strong and they only work 2 god damn days a week anyway.

For Nantz the no-show weekend is nearly criminal. He lives just a driver and a 5 iron away in his (now) home state of Connecticut. Instead of Jim, he drops the mic and leaves us with 3 times the normal about of Ian Baker-Finch. I like Finchy, but hearing “bunkah”, “puttah”, and several other IBF-isms throughout the broadcast can wear you down.

We did get more Oostie than the norm, which is never a bad thing. The ‘Help Me Kostis’ segment with George Lopez was fucking terrible. And the production bonuses? Where were those? No tracer, no launch data, no fly overs……pretty weak stuff. Thank god we at least had the Snoopy 2 blimp overhead to give us the stunning views of the Connecticut River (heavy sarcasm).

Tiger Time

Just after I told you last week that Tiger Woods was hitting full shots with this driver and that he’d be a fucking moron to come back next week in the Quicken Loans National which he hosts at Congressional…..well…..he goes ahead and tells the PGA Tour that he’s going to be participating in his tournament. That is dumb. I’m sure his doctors have cleared him to play, but hitting full shots on a driving range in Florida is a lot different than hitting shots in competition and walking 72 holes, dealing with weather delays, etc.

I have to wonder, did Quicken put any pressure on him to get to D.C. and play? Or was this simply the Big Cat’s desire to get back into his profession in an attempt to get sharp before he heads to Hoylake for the Open Championship? We’ll never know for sure, but when this event was the AT&T, Tiger missed it a few times due to injury. 2014 is the first year of the Quicken deal as the title sponsor. I can’t imagine Woods is playing due to corporate pressure. I also don’t think he’ll even make the cut so the sponsor shouldn’t expect much to begin with. Yes, he’s won here before and loves this style of golf course, but he hasn’t played a competitive round of golf in over 100 days. Next week for him is all about knocking off the rust, nothing else.

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1 Response to Lucky 7 For Streels To Win In Hartford: Final Thoughts On Travelers

  1. Tee-biz says:

    Streels’ wife isn’t too bad. Even though Streels is a professional athlete he’s lucky to find something that walks on two legs. He looks like an alien.

    BTW, Tiger’s return is about money. Need to draw fans to Congressional to break even.

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