Fresh Faces At Pinehurst, $woosh Stable Grows, And Tiger Going HAM: Hump Day Musings

Ladies Week At Pinehurst

Now that the men have finished their week at Pinehurst, the USGA has changed the pillowcases and sheets at the Pinecrest Inn and moved the tees up 1000 yards so the women (or girls in some cases) can take their hacks at Donald Ross’ ancient gem. If you read this site often you know that I’ve criticized the LPGA in the past for its lack of sex appeal. In looking at the field for the biggest ladies event of the year I can say with confidence that my criticism largely holds true again this week. But lucky for you, I’ve picked over each contestant carefully, judged them, and picked a few that are worth a 2nd look from you that you might not already be aware of. In alphabetical order, they are:

Brooke Pancake

Roll Tide! Brooke played her collegiate golf in Tusculoosa for the University of Alabama. She’s 24 and turned pro in 2012. The 2014 U.S. Open at Pinehurst will be her first major.

Brooke likes to read and do yoga in her spare time.

Gerina Piller

Gerina turned pro in 2010 after attending the University of Texas El Paso and graduating with a degree in Mathematics. She defies Ben Wright’s laws of physics by being able to swing a club around her huge tits.

Piller loves the Texas Rangers, plays Rock Band and Guitar Hero in her free time, and married former professional golfer Martin Piller.

Beatriz Ricari

Bea has been the target of my ogling before. She’s a bit better known than her counterparts that are also the subject of this post. The Spanish beauty has won nearly $2,000,000 since she joined the LPGA in 2010.

Recari’s favorite course is Royal Portrush, which was just awarded a future Open Championship by the R&A in a year that is TBD.

Another Stanford $woosh

After winning a truckload of trophies at Stanford, top ranked amateur Patrick Rodgers decided that he’d had enough school and would turn pro with one year of NCAA eligibility remaining. He followed Tiger to Stanford, broke most of Woods’ school records, and now he’s following Tiger to the tour early and in to the $woosh fold. On Tuesday Nike announced that Patrick Rodgers was their latest and greatest  young gun.

Rodgers will play a minimum 11 Nike clubs in any/all tournament rounds and also be clothed by Phil Knight’s fine sweatshop apparel. Remember in the early 90s when Curtis Strange was the only player who wore a $woosh? Sit back and think for a second how far Nike golf has come and how much it all has to do with Tiger.

Speaking Of Tiger

On the heels of the U.S. Open’s abysmal television ratings being announced, Golf World’s Tim Rosaforte reported on Tuesday that Tiger Fucking Woods is back hitting full shots on the range. Timmy says that Steiny told him Woods first made full swings in the middle of last week with some irons and has progressed though his bag to the point where he was hitting drivers by the close of last weekend. (Collective golf industry “whew” released.)

I wasn’t worried, but you know a few hundred TV execs and tournament directors were. So what’s next for Tiger? Well, first we should assume that he’ll have to keep hitting balls to get some feel back and show that he can keep hitting shots full bore without any set backs. Any talk of him starting to prep for the PGA Tour event he hosts next week is way premature. He’d be a fool to come back that early. And we know Tiger never shows up to a tourney unless he’s ready to win.

If he’s going to play anywhere before the British Open at Hoylake, it might be in a return to the Greenbrier where he was paid to show up, play 2 rounds, and miss the cut a few years ago. But don’t be surprised if he simply shows up for the Open without a single rep. He’d take that as a challenge in itself. Hopefully you’re smart enough to not bet on him to win.

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4 Responses to Fresh Faces At Pinehurst, $woosh Stable Grows, And Tiger Going HAM: Hump Day Musings

  1. Pancake . . . yummy. Pancake for lunch and dinner. Eating Pancake isn’t just breakfast anymore.
    Nike golf clothes. As bad as they look on TV, they are even worse in person

  2. says:

    I will never understand why any grow man would let another grown man, no matter who he is, call him Steiny! WTF how demeaning that sounds. Of course if I was getting paid what Steiny is I guess he could call me anything he damn well waned! But really! Steiny!

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  4. Steve Kinow says:

    So you knock the ladies for a lack of sex appeal and don’t watch, but you watch the dudes play. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

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