U.S. Open: Round 2

Kaymer Continues Blitzkrieg On Pinehurst

Martin Kaymer has all the pedigree one could ask for in a player that has a 6 shot lead halfway through a major. He’s already won a major and been the number 1 player in the world. He just won the Players Championship. And now he’s got his 2nd major by the balls. That 6 shot lead seems huge, so huge that you probably wouldn’t get many takers to bet the field versus Kaymer at this point in time.

Kaymer’s pair of 65s to start the U.S. Open have been superb. Riley’s comparison of Kaymer to Nazi Germany was probably a bit in poor taste (he later apologized), but its fairly accurate. To take it a bit further, let’s just remember that the Nazi’s didn’t end up prevailing in their war, and Kaymer still has plenty of golf to play.

As Roger Maltbie pointed out near the close of the ESPN broadcast, Kaymer will go about 26 hours in between shots played in the championship from round 2 to round 3. A lot of things can change his way of thinking, how his body feels, etc. in that time frame. He’ll have a lot of time to kill before his tee time, and a lot of time to think about his sizable lead. Brandt Snedeker concurs.

Remember what happened to Kaymer’s big lead at the Players when the rain delay hit? He had what appeared to be a large enough lead over the last 4 holes that he couldn’t lose. When the delay hit he had to think about his lead and some negative thoughts popped into his head. That scenario could repeat itself pretty easily at Pinehurst on Saturday.

Phenomenal Leaderboard

If Kaymer didn’t have a 6 shot lead golf fans would be incredibly excited about the possibilities the weekend at the U.S. Open held for them. Look at all the studs in the top 10….then look one stroke beyond that and you have the number 1 player in the world lurking.

Leader Board   The Official Site of the 114th U.S. Open Championship Conducted by the USGA

That tells you that the renovation and restoration to the golf course is allowing for the cream to rise to the top. Coore, Crenshaw, and Mike Davis should be feeling pretty good about themselves tonight. If Kaymer wasn’t playing out of his mind, there wouldn’t be a single complaint about the first 36 holes we’ve seen of the championship. If things get a little off kilter for Kaymer in round 3, any of these guys have a fighting chance to shoot 66 and jump right back into thinking they can win on Sunday. Scott, Spieth, McIlroy, Kuchar, Stenson, Johnson, and Snedeker all have to fire power to do it.

Phil Is Done

There’s a reason I didn’t mention Phil Mickelson in that group that could still win. He’s fucking done. Mid-way through his front nine on Friday, Bitch Tits was 2 under and tied for 2nd place with a gaggle of players. Things looked good, he was smiling and swinging well, and his gallery of faithful fans were just starting to get lubed up and excited for him. Then Phil went 5 over in his last 13 holes to shoot 73 and find himself 13 shots behind Kaymer.

Phil’s game nearly became tragic on the back nine. He can’t putt, that much is obvious. Any guy switching between putting grips during a round or tournament is done before it starts. As good as he is, Phil is no exception to this unwritten rule. After making a few decent strokes early on, Phil missed putt after putt to slip down the leaderboard. Some were more cruel than others as the ball practically mocked him when it lipped out. You’ll get it next year Phil.

Boneheaded Hunter

A funny thing happened on the way to Hunter Mahan missing the cut on Friday, he and Jamie Donaldson played with each other’s balls (in the 18th fairway). That’s not a joke, it just sounds like one. On their 9th hole, both players hit tee shots to the blind fairway. Then they just simply walked up and hit the wrong balls to the green. That is fucking retarded. You’re a pro, you can’t make that mistake. Fuck. I’ve never made a dime playing golf for a living, but I have played in about 500 tournament rounds and I’ve made damn sure not to hit someone else’s ball. It’s not that hard.

The mistake was realized by Donaldson when he got to the green. He and Mahan were both playing the same brand and make of ball, but the mistake is still inexcusable.  It’s also a 2 shot penalty for each and they had to return to the fairway to replay their shots. Both players made double bogey. Donaldson missed the cut by a bazillion. Mahan of course missed by one shot.

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