Scott Breaks In New No. 1 Ranking In Style: Final Thoughts On Colonial

Not So Fast Henrik

Finishing strong across the pond at Wentworth, Henrik Stenson was poised to take over the top spot in the official world golf rankings if Adam Scott didn’t finish 12th or better at Colonial after only holding the spot for a week. When CBS came on the air their first highlight package was all Scott and his string of birdies to charge up the leaderboard. Then their first live action of Scott was him 3 putting the 9th green to make a double. At that point about 20 players still had legit chances to win Colonial and Scott’s top ranking was in doubt.

As the leaders and challengers made the turn they appeared to be allergic to birdies on the back nine. Each and every one of them hit wayward tee shots or bailed out on approaches. Dufner posted his 9 under total first and then sat and waited to see who could catch him or pass him. On his inward nine, Adam Scott regrouped from his 6 at the ninth and made three stellar birdies to also post 9 under and share the clubhouse lead with Duf-daddy. Then the waiting game began.

After each challenger faltered the playoff between two recent major champions began and golf fans were treated to a delicious 3 hole playoff. The two stars matched pars their first time down 18, then matched birdies at the 10th. At the 18th again Duf hit the right side of the green which opened the door for Scott to take dead aim.

As the video shows he stiffed it and knocked in a 6 footer for birdie to win himself an ugly plaid jacket and retain his new number 1 ranking. He also completed a career Texas Slam as he’s won all four PGA Tour events played in the Lone Star State. Not a bad week of work. And consider this, after nine holes on Thursday Adam was +4. There’s no truth to the rumor that Stevie Williams took credit for the turn around.

Speaking Of Stevie

(Rant warning!!!) Why does this asshole feel the need to take off his bid on the 72nd green of every tournament? Does it chafe him or something? Does he think we all need a better look at his queer Valvoline shirt? And this week he took it off and nobody made him put it back on when the Dufner-Scott playoff began. What the fuck? I hope Tim Finchem fines him 100k for it.

I know I’m not the only one that notices this and is bothered by it. Remember when Tiger and GMac dueled at Tiger’s World Challenge a few years back? On the last hole or regulation Stevie took his bib off because it appeared that Tiger would make a short birdie putt to close out the tournament. Then McDowell drained a bomb to birdie the hole and the two would go to sudden death assuming Tiger made his putt. After his make, GMac yelled the same thing you see in my tweet above to Stevie. As if we needed another reason to love GMac.

Duf-Daddy And The Yips

While everyone in the field on Sunday at Colonial made their share of mistakes, none where more clear to the viewer than the short putts missed by Jason Dufner. I lost count of how many putts under 5 feet he missed. It got so bad that CBS was practically conceding a miss of his first shortie in the playoff.

Duf made them all when it counted in the playoff, but still lost. He has to be kicking himself for the handful of Sunday misses. Making just half of those would have put him in the winner circle by a few shots. Jason had another reason as to why he didn’t win.

What a great quote, and it tells you how a close loss simply rolls of Duf’s back. A win would have been great for Duf, but as we can already tell, he’ll get over it. The loser here really is all the fans watching that didn’t get to see Mrs. Duf run out on to the green and get another ass pat.

Colonial Holds Its Own

Any day of the year you can read an article written about golf that states the game is dead because players hit it too far and older, classic golf courses are becoming extinct. That same thought has been shared with regard to Colonial Country Club for nearly a decade, but it doesn’t have any truth to it. Colonial plays 7200 yards, which is plenty long, then when you consider that it is a par 70 with only two par 5s, you realize that its 7200 yards actually plays longer. Players don’t hit driver off every tee because the fairways are tree lined and narrow. There is a premium on position and the only gimmie birdie hole is the first. In other words, the old girl is tough.

And she held up all week for the 2014 Crown Plaza Invitational. A winning score of 9 under is lower than a few recent U.S. Open winning numbers. I’m not asking for the USGA to take its championship back to Texas, but all this talk of the golf course being outdated is flat out stupid. Let’s just enjoy Colonial for what it is, Hogan’s old stomping ground that is a timeless Perry Maxwell design.

A Bird But No Birdie

Friday afternoon’s action shown on the Golf Channel was pretty boring, but things livened up a bit when the cameras panned to Jimmy Walker’s tee shot at the 17th hole. Walker hit an iron off the par 4 tee to play for position and his ball struck a bird while in flight. Thanks to great work from a cameraman we got to see it.

I know, I know….you were hoping for something more gruesome weren’t you? I was too. When I read about the clip prior to viewing it I was picturing a Dave Winfield like moment, or perhaps Randy Johnson’s 101 mph dove killer. The bird Walker hit was ok accordingly to those on the scene. And no Jimmy did not make a birdie on the 17th hole on Friday.

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3 Responses to Scott Breaks In New No. 1 Ranking In Style: Final Thoughts On Colonial

  1. Tim Hayes says:

    The new ad software that overwrites all your pictures is really, really intrusive btw. Fun blog, I get it and like it, but man, those ads covering 1/2 of each picture with completely random sh*t links is a buzzkill.

    • shutfacegolf says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Tim. I don’t see these ads so your comment is the first I’m hearing about it. I’ll see what I can do to have them scaled back.

  2. Tee-biz says:

    Interesting comments by Duff…. maybe he’s a swinger. Adam should have given Amanda a victory pat & squeeze.

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