Thursday Potluck, In Other Words, Totally Random Shit

Nelson Round 1

In a slow golf news week there isn’t much to talk about on Thursday evening other than the actual golf being played at a rather mundane PGA Tour event. That’s okay, I’ll muddle through somehow. Following the HP Byron Nelson from your desk at work on ShotTracker at least helps the day fly by. Peter Hanson’s name at the top of the leaderboard was no surprise to me when I last minimized my browser window. Neither was Marc Leishman’s, but there was one shocker that jumped up into the top 5 after making birdie on four of his last five holes to close his first round.

HP Byron Nelson Championship Leaderboard

I probably didn’t have to highlight Double D’s name to make you take notice. No, you aren’t having some flash back to 14 years ago when Duval was actually relevant in professional golf. David gave us a little glimpse of this in New Orleans two weeks ago and it appears all his talk to the media about wanting to earn a living playing golf again isn’t bullshit.

Before the round began DD wasn’t sure he was even going to give it a go. Apparently he’s dealing with some nagging pain in his elbow and he didn’t want to take a spot away from an alternate if he’d have to withdraw after playing only a few holes.

Nice round and nice to have him back, if only for a little while. At some point every year for about the last decade I’ve been ready to pull the plug on the life support machine that is keeping Duval’s career breathing. But then there are a few rounds each year in which Duval shows some life and you end up hoping for the best. Remember the 2009 U.S. Open at Bethpage? Yeah, Duval was right in the thick of that thing until the end. Could today signify some sort of awakening? Don’t bet on it. I’ll chalk him up for a T23 finish this week with a WD coming soon down the road when that elbow flares up on him.

The only other interesting thing to happen at TPC Las Colinas was what the Golf Channel cameras picked up in the crowd while following Gary Woodland.

That poor dude on an amigo bit it pretty hard just in time to make it on TV. If you saw it live you know it sounded even worse than it looked. For those of you scoring at home please note that this doesn’t top the finger bangers in Charl Schwartzel’s group at Riveria last year.

Cinderella Story……Its In The Hole!!!!

Unlike David Duval, most dudes with no status on tour have to Monday qualify for weekly events. This past Monday, Case Cochran found himself in a playoff that would determine if he would play in this week’s HP Byron Nelson Championship. Case played his collegiate golf at Texas A&M and is the son of former tour player Russ Cochran (now on the Champions Tour).

On the 4th playoff hole Case missed a short putt that would have put him in the Nelson field. He didn’t pout. He didn’t sulk. He simply pressed on and went to the next tee. As darkness settled over the course case struck a knock down shot right at the pin that looked pretty good from his vantage point.

When he and the group arrived at the green his ball was no where to be found, but his pitch mark was 5 feet short of the hole. Of course his ball was in it. Cochran had himself a walk-off-ace that qualified him for his first PGA Tour event. Sadly for Case his fairytale likely ended today. He posted a 78 and is in dead fucking last (DFL).

Daddy Wants A Launch Monitor

If you’re a techie who loves golf you probably know what a launch monitor is. If you don’t, then you might was well stop reading here as everything I’m about to say will just confuse you. If you know what a launch monitor is then you probably also know that they typically cost about $20,000. I have no idea why that is their price tag, but that kind of sticker shock means the average Joe likely doesn’t have one. The good people of Ernest Sports are trying to change that.

The product Ernest is offering is called the ES12. It is a scaled down launch monitor with a highly reduced price point ($250)….AND I FUCKING NEED ONE!!!! The ES12 doesn’t provide all the data a true launch monitor can. That’s not it’s purpose. It can’t give you the spin data or launch angle, but honestly, if you’re hitting nuggets anywhere but into a net you’ll be able to see those variables with your naked eye anyway. What the ES12 can do is tell you how far each shot you just hit went and what your ball speed was. It tracks the data and compiles it and all you have to do is tell the device what club you’re hitting. The monitor syncs via bluetooth to an app in your smartphone (Apple or Android) that displays the data. Check out this review of the ES12 from the Titleist Performance Institute.

Surprisingly, I haven’t seen many of these out in public. My only experience was seeing some Russian guy next to me at the golf dome this winter using it. He was an absolute hack who eventually hit the thing with his club during a swing. Ouch. If you have one or have used one, please drop a comment below or send me an email to give some feed back. Thanks in advance. If you want one, check out the Ernest Sports website found below.


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