Super Stars Reign At Swing’in Skirts

Kold Blooded

Lydia Ko had a pretty average week. She turned 17. She was named to Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world. And then she took down the Swing’in Skirts LPGA Classic. Oh, and that wasn’t all….her victory bumped her up from number 4 in the world to number 2 behind only Inbee Park. Read the first part of that list again, she fucking turned 17!!!!! I’m not going to rehash all the fucking stuff about what were you doing when you were 17. We all know we were sitting around farting with our friends and trying to figure out how to get our dicks wet.

The only thing Ko hasn’t done at her young age is win a ladies major and a Nobel Prize. I’m sure she’ll do both in due time. For all the hype someone like Michelle Wie got at a younger age, Ko and Lexi Thompson are the legit starts that actually deserve the press they’re given and both are a breath of fresh air in how they handle it.

And just how did Ko cap her week and clinch victory, she gutted out a birdie on the 72nd hole while starring down world number 3, Stacey Lewis, who was trying to catch Ko with a birdie of her own. Ko watched as Lewis hit her approach to the 18th green within 5 feet. There was no panic on her face, no twitches, she simply got over her difficult 60 yard pitch from the rough and stuck it just outside of Lewis’ ball. After that, she even more calmly walked up and knocked her putt in before she even had a chance to think about what Lewis’ might mean. It was cold-blooded, ruthless, and very Tiger like.

Ask Not Whant Not

Everything the PGA used to be – that is, being dominated by the super stars of the game – is what the LPGA has turned into for the month of April. First Lexi Thompson won the Dinah Shore, then Michelle Wie won the Lotte Championship in Hawaii, now this week in San Francisco Stacey Lewis and Lydia Ko battled in a 15 round bout for the Swing Skirts title at Lake Merced. Somewhere commish Mike Whan is whacking his pud thinking about the upcoming increase in sponsorship revenue. 

While the men’s game seemingly has a new winner every week, which recently have been more journeymen than superstar, the big names of the ladies game are contending consistently and winning. Their timing couldn’t be much better with Tiger on the shelf and a lull in the PGA Tour calendar. This isn’t some turning of the tide of sorts. No way no how. The Zurich Championship had a much bigger following even with Seung-Yul Noh winning on Sunday. You need only to look at golf related shit on your Twitter feed to figure that out. Still, the LPGA is starting to make people notice, myself included. That’s a win in itself for a product that has struggled to make anyone care since Annika and Lorena retired.

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  1. cannuck says:

    Lpga is always fun to watch!

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