Lindsey & Elin Are BFFs, Tiger Chipping And Other Hump Day Musings

Nip It In The Bud Now, Tiger

US Weekly and other obnoxious gossip rags reported this week that Tiger’s ex-wife, Elin Nordgren, and his current girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, are becoming friends. Not just friends, but good friends. It seems as though Elin set up a meeting with Vonn because she wanted to get to know the woman that would be spending quality time with her kids. Then the former Mrs. Woods hit it off with Tiger’s current piece of ass and well….now we’re hearing about it because its kind of weird.

While the whole thing is probably best for Woods’ two young children, this is a mess for Tiger and won’t end well. It also reeks of a sitcom or bad movie story line that will be written in the next year or so. Tiger has enough complication in his life. His bad back, his golf game, his lack of a major for 6 years and counting…….but this might top them all. No one needs their ex talking to their current fuck buddy.

When I first read the story it didn’t seem like it was even worth mentioning, but on second thought I find it a bit strange and fascinating all at the same time. I’ve compared Nordgren and Vonn enough so I won’t rehash the fact that Vonn is a cow in comparison to Elin. The story about Vonn and Elin also includes rumors of Elin even joining Tiger and Lindsey on a recent vacation with the kids. That is even more fucking weird. You’d think Elin would be disgusted by Woods for all the fucking he did behind her back, yet she hangs out and vacations with him? I don’t get it. And the only thing that makes sense in the whole deal is that Elin somehow still thinks she and Tiger might end up together in the future. Is she really that stupid?

More Tiger News

Several golf media outlets reported today that Tiger is now chipping and putting, lightly, as told by Tiger’s agent Mark “Steinie” Steinberg. Steinie also indicated that Tiger’s healing well and hasn’t had any set backs from his recent back surgery. Now the $15B question is, when will he be back?

Just two weeks ago Notah Begay said that Tiger won’t play at Pinehurst in the U.S. Open. I still believe that. The time table just doesn’t work so there’s no fucking way he’s teeing it up in the next major. The small part of me that has any optimism in it thinks we might see him at Hoylake, but I won’t hold my breath. Chipping and putting with no setbacks is a step in the right direction. It’s also a step to the golf business stopping the bleeding in losing $15 billion dollars with Tiger on the mend.

$woosh Swag

As regular readers of SFG know, I don’t mince words when it comes to Nike equipment. I like their dry fit shirts. Their gloves are ok. Some of their outerwear is above average. And other than that I think its mostly shit. So when I tell you that I recently picked up one of the $woosh’s Hyper Adapt Storm-Fit rain jackets and it is pretty good, you should believe me.

That’s the black version that I’ve had for about 6 weeks now. I like the simple look of it, but mine also has a custom logo added to it (minimum order of 6 for that) to pimp it out. For years I haven’t used a long sleeve rain jacket because they don’t allow me to make a normal shoulder turn or swing. This one is different.

The shoulders have a minimal amount of stitching so your arms and shoulders are not hindered or restricted. This also provides some venting and breath-ability that other long sleeve rain jackets don’t have. The material is about as light weight as you’ll find, and my favorite feature…..the zipper…… has a cover at the top of the jacket so that you don’t pinch your beard or stubble in it. Fuck that hurts when it happens. If you’re looking for new outerwear of this ilk, I highly recommend this style/model/brand. The jacket retails for $280 and is also available in grey.

More Euro Tour Fun

There’s nothing more fun and entertaining (golf wise) on the internet than European Tour produced videos that promote their players and events. They’ve given us the gong, Rory v. the Robot, the Happy Gilmore, Tiger hitting balls on a bridge, and countless other classics. To promote this week’s Volvo China Open, Jason Dufner and Ian Poulter played table tennis – or ping pong – against champions of that sport that were brought in as ringers.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Duf look so excited and flustered all in one image. What I can’t tell is if Poults and Duf were partners or if the champs took on the golfers in a mismatched contest. That doesn’t seem fair. While I don’t think this video lives up to the others I’ve listed above, it is far better than seeing golfers in garb native to the country they’re playing in, climbing the Great Wall, or sword fighting each other. There’s absolutely truth to the rumor that Duf and Poults went bowling after their ping pong fun. I’m dead serious. This isn’t your father’s communist China anymore.

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4 Responses to Lindsey & Elin Are BFFs, Tiger Chipping And Other Hump Day Musings

  1. No word on Wei’s terrific LPGA win? go figure

  2. says:

    I smell reality show!!!! Can you imagine?! No? Me either. Another thing, what kind of a grown man calls another grown man “steinie”? Really. Oh well it really all – girlfriends, ex-wives being girlfriends, calling managers stupids names – boils down to money!!!!!!!
    Like the jacket – very nice.
    Dufner played paddle tennis like he has been playing golf lately. Not very well. Come on Duf I was picking you to do top ten work this year.
    Personaly glad to see Wei win one.

  3. Steve Kinow says:

    The ping pong video was terrible. Also, the old Tiger would have immediately dumped Vonn and Begay for these type of actions in public.

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