Can Golf Be Dangerous? Ask Pablo Larrazabal

New Meaning For Hitting The Stinger

On Friday at the Malaysian Open, Spaniard Pablo Larrazabal was cruising along and enjoying his round until he encountered the wrath of Mother Nature while walking down the 5th fairway. To no fault of his own. Pablo was suddenly swarmed by 50+ hornets that began to sting him some 20 times. He swatted towels and hats at them until they began to sting him and he was advised by fellow players and caddies to jump in the nearby water hazard to get away from the tiny bastards.

As the video goes on to show, Larrazabal smartly removed his shirt and the contents of his pockets, including his scorecard, before he jumped in the lake. He was treated by medical professionals, given a shot, got a new shirt and played on. Walking the rest of the hole in wet pants Pablo hit his shot from the fairway to less than 20 feet and made the birdie putt.

That is fantastic stuff. I hope that the pros in the states who withdraw from events due to tweaked muscles, allergies, and other made up ailments heard about Pablo’s ordeal, and I hope they stop being pussies when they want to pack up and leave when playing like shit.

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