Two More Reasons To Watch Morning Drive

Well Hello There Milk Makers

I don’t normally watch the Golf Channel’s Morning Drive, but if I pass by it and Holly Sonders tits are out I’ll give them……errrrr…….it…. a look. I don’t mind Gary Williams or Charlie Rymer, they know their shit and are typically entertaining. Damon Hack…..fuck me, has anyone ever had a more fitting name. It works whether you’re talking about him as a golfer or a writer. Poor bastard.

Seems like the show should follow its recipe for success (see Sonders, Holly) more closely. More tits and ass, less bullshit from no talent clowns. You may recall that the early stages of the show as its now known had another buxom host that’s been missing for some time. Lauren Thompson left the show due to her pregnancy returned just this week looking different, but still delightful.

That’s Thompson in green, second from our left in first image above, as the crew interviews surprise guest Bubba Watson on Tuesday morning. Lauren had a kid some 100 or so days ago, so I won’t judge her physical appearance (now). But I will give you a gentle reminder of why she was hired and what she looked like when she previously hosted Morning Drive and various other programs on TGC.

Being sporty….

The money shot…..

Squeezing the girls together…..

And a random one of her in a cowboy hat.

Ok, that’s enough. Lauren was obviously a bikini model before she landed her gig on the Golf Channel in 2009. She’s a decent golfer according to her bio and past interviews. The Central Florida grad also hosted a wrestling show that preceded pay-per-view events from 2007 to 2009. My hope is that with Lauren back on MD we see less of Kelly. If that’s the case, let me be the first to say, “welcome back Ms. Thompson”.

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3 Responses to Two More Reasons To Watch Morning Drive

  1. Tee-biz says:

    All I can say is thank god Top Ten Thompson is back. Lovely gal, great fun bags, and very well spoken. Hopefully Kelly is gone for a while now,even more annoying than Hack.

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  3. Jim King says:

    Damon Hack is an asshole.
    I have to turn it off.

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