Have You Heard? Tiger Woods Is Not Playing At The Masters

Man Lands On Moon

If by now you haven’t been told, read, or seen in your Twitter feed that Tiger Woods isn’t going to tee it up at Masters in 2014 then I’m honored that you read this site above all other options you have for golf related content in this world. That being said, Tiger did announce today that his back is fucked up enough that it required surgery to fix.

If he’s lucky (and us too) TW will be back on tour some time this summer. I wouldn’t hold my breath. Tiger had a procedure that called microdisectomy, which to me sounds like something you’d do to a frog in 7th grade biology class. His rehab plan is aggressive, but what else would you expect him to say when so many golf related dollars depend on him showing up and playing. His website stated “the goal is for Tiger to resume playing sometime this summer.” That is a pretty big window and taken literally could mean anytime between June and September. Friend of Tiger turned Golf Channel pundit, Notah Begay, says he thinks Tiger’s plan is to play the U.S. Open at Pinehurst. I can’t see that happening.

Tiger's Injuries

What we know for sure is that he won’t be able to defend his Players Championship title from last year. Woods plans to start chipping and putting again in 3 weeks, but his doctors won’t let him make full swings until he is completely healed. I suppose the time table for that could be June, but why come back for the most grueling tournament in golf when you’re rusty and have barely hit golf balls for 8 weeks? If I had to bet money on his return, I’d say he misses all the majors except the PGA at Valhalla. By then 25 majors will have passed since he last won one.

My Crystal Ball

I hate to toot my own horn, okay, I love to….. but I did think something like this was bound to happen to Tiger in 2014. Not sure what I’m talking about? Something struck me while watching Tiger lose to Zach Johnson in the Tiger World Challenge played at the end of last year. He had a vulnerability to him at the time that made me wonder about his fortunes for 2014.

His body continues to break down for whatever reason. He was fairly healthy for about 18 months in 2012 and 2013. My guess was that his knee or some other injury from the past would jump up and bite him again. The back injury is more recent and seems a bit odd to me. I expect disc issues and chronic back problems from someone that is out of shape or sits at a desk all day. A guy as fit as Tiger shouldn’t have back problems unless he’s doing something to constantly cause an issue. I’m not a doctor, but I’m curious what Tiger thinks of the swing Sean Foley has given him and if he thinks it helped cause this injury.

Hank Haney made a statement today that he thinks Woods will have to again change his swing to adapt to this injury. Hank has the same medical expertise that I do, so his opinion also means jack shit, but he might be on to something. Lets see what rumors bubble up about Woods and Foley. If there’s going to be another break up……errrrr…….swing change, I think we’ll hear something in the next few weeks about it.

No Tiger, No Problem

There’s no hiding the fact that Tiger Woods playing in a certain golf tournament means that more eyeballs will be watching said tournament than if Tiger was sitting home eating Cheetos on his couch. Shit, tournaments that Tiger hasn’t played in over a decade have nearly dried up and died thanks to his lack of support. But if there’s one that can still draw all golf fan’s attention even if Tiger isn’t involved, it is the Masters. I’m bummed that Tiger won’t be in it especially after all the drama that he caused last year with #Dropgate. However, no one player is bigger than the Masters and its still the best 4 days of golf we get in a given year.

The shot above was taken in 1995 when Tiger was getting advice from then number 1 player in the world Greg Norman during practice rounds of the Masters. Tiger was in the field that year thanks to his U.S. Amateur victory at TPC Sawgrass 8 months prior. That year started the streak that will end this year of Woods being in the field at Augusta. He won’t sniff the 50 straight played by Arnold Palmer. The last year of the Masters in which Tiger didn’t play (1994), Jose Maria Olazabal won by holding off Tom Lehman for the win.

Ugh….golf was boring then. Get well soon Tiger.


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4 Responses to Have You Heard? Tiger Woods Is Not Playing At The Masters

  1. ceb0618@insightbb.com says:

    I agree, the Masters w/o Tiger is boring. I’m no expert believe me, but his swing since he has been with Foley is just not right. Having witnessed all of Tigers carrier (college grad who can’t spell worth spit here) I have hope Tiger can come back and wipe all the doubtors off the table. As long as athe Masters isn’t won by a European – their attitude is getting on my nerves – I;m fine. Kucher would be great.

  2. Billy Batts says:

    I’ve had two lumber laminectomies and was playing golf 6 weeks after that. I will say that the back is never the same after it’s cut open though. Now I bet Tiger’s incision is much smaller then mine but still, once they cut you open you’ll have scar tissue and with that come back pain issues. I’m sure his rehab will a 100 times more physical then mine was. I wish him luck with his recovery. Maybe I should login as “Prince Vicodin”

  3. Marco says:

    Sure the voltage is lower when Tiger is not playing, but surely not boring. Great tournament pretty much whoever wins. As an American born in Europe, I’d have to say that the Europeans attitude is much more neutral than ours here. All are grateful for the PGA lifestyle and most are interesting and honest interviews…not the agents boilerplate standard. I’m rooting for Phil, GMac and Rory.

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