Putting A Tee In Your Ass Never Ends Well, Just Ask Sergio

Fucking Hef Would Have Been Easier For $500k

In 2012 Playboy model Liz Dickson was working a company sponsored golf outing in LA as part of the satellite radio broadcast of the event. During the broadcast some dip shit comedian decided that sticking a tee with a ball on it between Liz’s butt cheeks and taking a rip with a driver was a good idea. You know that can’t end well. The video below tells the rest of the story:

It looks like she tried to laugh it off a first glance, but TMZ has the photo to prove how much pain she was in.

03-14-14-playmate-butt-bruise-tmzFuck!!!!!!! How can you even sit down for the next 8 weeks with that on your ass? From the incident Liz accumulated $33,000 in medical bills and is of course suing Playboy for $500,000. I think that’s a low number for what she’s suffered through, but the problem is she was such a willing participant in the act that I’m not sure how strong her case is. I’m sure it will eventually be settled out of court, BUTT it’s an entertaining video nonetheless.

I have so many thoughts, mostly vulgar, sexist, and obnoxious going through my head that I think its going to explode. I’m sure you do too, so please turn it loose in the comments section. I can’t wait to hear them.

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2 Responses to Putting A Tee In Your Ass Never Ends Well, Just Ask Sergio

  1. Herr Brotkopf says:

    She really got fucked in the ass on that one.

  2. ceb0618@insightbb.com says:

    Goes to show what happens when you get two morons together and they come up with a “great Idea”! Just plan stupid on all parts. I can’t believe the guy who hit the ball said he was imbarr-assed (Iol) by his swing!

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