John Daly Didn’t WD, But Did Shoot 90!

Rehab Is For Quitters

That should apply to John Daly more than any other person on the planet. He has quit more golf tournaments than last week’s champion, Patrick Reed, has even played. JD has the worst track record in the history of the tour as far as players withdrawing from competition. Some of John’s WD’s were due to alcoholism and lapses he had in his rehab. That’s doesn’t excuse him, but makes some more understandable. MOST of John’s WDs are from just playing shitty golf on Fridays and knowing he’s not going to make the cut. Today at the Valspar Championship in Tampa John was up to his old Friday tricks. He played like a dog, but didn’t WD. He finished and shot 90. Good for him.

John Daly 90The trouble maker on the card came at the 16th hole where John made 12. According to ShotTracker John challenged the hazard down the right side of the hole a few times off the tee until finally landing his 7th stroke on dry land in the left rough. He did however  get up and down from next to the green and one-putt for the 12.


Hey John, how’d you make 12? Former caddie turned golf journo, Doug Ferguson, got the answer straight from the horses’s mouth.

What do you even call +8 on one hole, an octo-bogey?

Death, Taxes, And John Making Big Numbers

This should be the least surprising 90 in the history of the PGA Tour. Conditions got nasty, windy and cold. John hates that. Daly has also had a round in the 80s each of his 17 years as a professional playing on the tour. He has a history of Tin Cup moments on holes with plenty of H2O (cough, Bay Hill). How can any of us forget this from the 2011 Emerites Open?

It would have been easy for him to walk off after 16. I’m not sure he gained anything by finishing other than a little respect. I’d bet $100 that if he’d been playing the 16th as his 7th hole and made the same number he would have walked. That’s how John is wired.

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1 Response to John Daly Didn’t WD, But Did Shoot 90!

  1. shutfacegolf says:

    Just read my own comments on John making a 10 in Tampa last year. This guy needs to go away.

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