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Bowditch Pukes All Over Shoes, Still Wins: Final Thoughts On Texas Open

If The Boot Fits Australian Steven Bowditch battled clinical depression and self doubt from the moment he earned his tour card nearly five years ago until recently claiming a small victory over his illness. After being bumped back to mini … Continue reading

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The World Gets More Johnny Miller

1000 Times Better Than More Chris Berman Last fall NBC Sports Group announced that it extended a deal with the PGA to have broadcast rights to the Ryder Cup through the year 2030. Part of that deal that was made … Continue reading

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Atari Golf? Nope, The Latest Edition Of 8 Bit Cinema: Happy Gilmore

I Don’t Even Like The Movie Between Happy Gilmore and Tin Cup it’s hard for me to decide which golf movie of the 1990s is worse. I’d probably pick Happy because the girl I took to see it never put … Continue reading

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Scott Shits Bed, Every Scores Big 1st Win: Final Thoughts On Bay Hill

Adam’s Broom Stick Putter Appears To Be Choking Him I’m dead serious when I say that. That thing is right up in his throat when he swings it, and it appears to be literally choking him. Figuratively, it is making him … Continue reading

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Beemed Up Scotty And Douchebag Bubba

Adam Woods Blitzing Bay Hill Field That isn’t a typo. We all know that Adam Scott has worked with Butch Harmon for years and has made no bones about trying to copy the swing Woods used to accomplish his Tiger … Continue reading

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Augusta Virgins Take Note (Re-visited)

THE FOLLOWING WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED ON MARCH 15, 2013 I know most of you are thinking that due to the title of this post and my warped sense of humor this entry will have something to do with Tiger or … Continue reading

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Bad Back Means Tiger Won’t Be AP Invite Back-To-Back Champion

The Last Time He Pulled Out This Early Was With A Perkins Waitress Today during happy hour Tiger Woods announced via his Tweeter that he called Arnold Palmer to personally give him the bad news that his back was still … Continue reading

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Senden Snakes Na For 2nd Win: Final Thoughts On Tampa

If Only His Name Were Jerome I hope you got the joke if you clicked the link (an ode to March Madness). In case you were too busy mulling over bracket possibilities or just weren’t interested in a lackluster PGA … Continue reading

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Putting A Tee In Your Ass Never Ends Well, Just Ask Sergio

Fucking Hef Would Have Been Easier For $500k In 2012 Playboy model Liz Dickson was working a company sponsored golf outing in LA as part of the satellite radio broadcast of the event. During the broadcast some dip shit comedian … Continue reading

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John Daly Didn’t WD, But Did Shoot 90!

Rehab Is For Quitters That should apply to John Daly more than any other person on the planet. He has quit more golf tournaments than last week’s champion, Patrick Reed, has even played. JD has the worst track record in … Continue reading

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