The Hotties Of Big Break Florida

False Advertising

The intent of this post was to show you all the hot chicks of the new cast of the Golf Channel’s latest edition of Big Break. Unfortunately for you and me, the show didn’t give us much to work with for the current season. This version of the golf reality show was filmed on Amelia Island with an all female cast. For horny male (or female) golf fans that usually means two of your favorite things colliding, golf on TV at night and hot chicks involved in bitchy cat fights. They got the bitchy part right anyway.

If you’ve ever been to an LPGA, Cactus, or Symetra Tour event you’ve looked around and seen plenty of female golfers that, well… wouldn’t touch with your buddy’s dick. I’m not trying to be mean here, but let’s just face it, god only blesses so many women on the planet with attractive qualities all men desire. The good folks at the Golf Channel know that, which is why Holly Sonders is on their airwaves and why they sprinkle in some T&A on their reality show. That being said, central casting at TGC had their work cut out for them in slotting contestants in for this season. I have to admit, in the past TGC has done well with all female casts and you can look to the likes of Sara Brown, Mallory Blackwelder, and Meghan Hardin as evidence.

Over time, however, casting calls of this nature are going to have worse returns. There just aren’t that many unknown hot golfers that have a legit claim to being on the show. You’re either going to end up with Hooters waitresses that can’t play or, some moderately attractive talented players that any father should be proud of – they just don’t move the needle and draw in viewers, sponsors, etc.

The Safety Net

My gut says that when the producers saw the final cast, especially the young lady that resembles Colin Mongomerie, they decided to bring in a ringer as the host. Enter Melanie Collins, who friend of SFG – Busted Coverage – has had a hard on for since first sight.

The link in BC’s tweet above will lead you to a delicious gallery of Collins’ insties and selfies from all over her sporting life. She typically works for Yahoo sports if you care about that sort of thing. Me personally, she’s not my type. Great body, blonde……but…….meh…..that jaw. I can’t get past it. Too much of a tranny look for my tastes. She’s all yours BC. Still, she is eye candy to most dudes tuning into Big Break and she’s a nice insurance policy in case the cast doesn’t live up to the shows usual expectations.

Break Bust Out

While some think Collins will be the star of the show, I don’t think TGC will give her enough slutty outfits for viewers to really notice her. Did you see what she wore in the premiere? What was that, a pants suit? Whatever. Besides Collins, TGC actually did manage to pluck one more delightful flower from out of nowhere to join the cast. Meet Texan Lauren Sullivan.


Her Big Break bio tells us that she’s 25 and lives in Wichita Falls, Texas. She attended Texas Christian University but did not play on the school’s golf team. After finishing school she became interested in playing competitively again and with the blessing of her husband she began playing Cactus tour events 3 years ago when she turned professional. Her motto is “no regrets, no what-ifs”. Yeah, like every hot chick doesn’t have a few regrets on their resume.


She’s obviously quite attractive, personable and has already shown to be a fiery competitor in one episode. I think she’s talented, but I don’t expect her to last long on the show simply because her opponents have much more recent experience competing at the professional level. Enjoy her, her look, and her talents before she ends up in the elimination challenge and loses.



If she doesn’t win, the silver lining for Lauren might be a future career in television. She’s great in her interviews on the show (which of course are edited) and doesn’t have a deep Texas accent that would immediately remove her from consideration for an eventual career in broadcasting. Lauren also has a a face that is easy on the eyes and a nice rack. These 3 things never hold back the career ambitions of a well spoken young lady.

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