Berckman’s Place: Augusta’s MF’nVIP Room

From last year: A reminder that we’re nearly 6 weeks away from the Masters and I am yet to receive a Berckman’s Place ticket.

My Mind Is Blown

And yours is about to be. Just when you didn’t think they could make you love the Masters and Augusta National more than you already do……….BOOM. In 2013 Augusta National Golf Club unveiled its super-duper-mother-fucking VIP room called Berckman’s Place. I don’t know how I didn’t hear about it during the actual Masters. It’s not as if it was well advertised.’s Gary Van Sickle and GolfWeek’s Forecaddie (TMOF- The Man Out Front) both popped off feature stories this week on what is being called the greatest sports hospitality facility ever.

I remember being at Augusta in 2011 walking down the left side of hole 5 and seeing a large structure through the trees and hearing what sounded like construction noises. I just figured it was some part of the maintenance facility. But no, that was me walking by the future site of Masters-junkie Mecca and…

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