Aiken Wins Africa Open: Who’s The Lass On His Bag?

Successful Professional Golfers Almost Always Out Kick Their Coverage

I didn’t watch a second of the Africa Open, this week’s event on the European PGA Tour. It didn’t interest me. There weren’t many big names in the field and when guys like Charl Schwartzel and Louis Oosthuizen leave their own continent for the greener grass of the PGA Tour, that usually tells you there is no reason to pay attention to golf in Africa that week.

After 3 rounds of the tourney Emillo Grillo held the lead at 20 under. If he could have shot even par in the final round he would have ended up in the playoff that decided the tournament. Instead, Grillo made a 9 on his first hole and shot 43 on his outward nine holes. He did birdie his last 5 holes once the pressure was off to finish 2 shots back. This opened the door for the likes of Oliver Fisher and Thomas Aiken. Aiken sunk a bomb of a putt on the third hole of the playoff to take the title.

After seeing the highlights on TGC I found myself asking, who’s the tall blonde on Aiken’s bag and why haven’t I brought her to your attention before? When a tour player wins and his wife his shown in the coverage, I have an obligation to you all to show her and discuss her. When the wife is also his caddie, my obligation is even more heavily weighted.

Aiken’s wife/caddie is Kate, formerly Kate Midgeley. What do we know about her? Not much. The couple married in the Bahamas in June of 2012 in what appears to have been a lovely ceremony (internet stalking). What I can do is show you more pictures of her, and that’s really all you want to see anyway…..right?



As if we needed more evidence that ugly guys with money always end up with hot chicks. Kate certainly is hard to miss when she’s on the bag and Aiken is in contention. I wonder why more guys don’t have their hot wives caddie? It seems like she would be a distraction for the other golfers and you’d have a bit of an advantage so long as she also didn’t distract you and your dick.

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3 Responses to Aiken Wins Africa Open: Who’s The Lass On His Bag?

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  2. Steve Know says:

    Your 21st century feminist education has taught you nothing. Clearly Michael is the superficial one. The fact that he’d be dating a failed Biggest Loser contestant with no dreams, if not for his golf game, is a coincidence. The fact that you see this scenario all the time, and virtually never when guy is dirt poor and works as a McDonalds assistant manager, that is also just a coincidence. Remember men: You are the superficial ones. You are the problem.

    • Steve Know says:

      Its also worth confirming for all ugly men out there… Women DO care that you’re ugly. They are simply willing to overlook it for the right amount of *insert money/fame/power/influence here*. Whereas in the man world, if you’re an ugly woman trying to score a hot guy, good luck.

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