The Golden Bear Is A Dog

Remember, Arnie Hangs With Kate Upton

This post is more of an FYI as I thought you’d all like to be made aware the following. Two days ago a site called posted a story about a Realtor that works for Golden Bear Realty, which is owned by the Jack Nicklaus family. Sounds innocent enough, doesn’t it? Well, the gossip site goes on to tell its readers that the Realtor, Ashley Lowe, is a former Playmate that was a Cyber Girl of the Week in 2008. Oh boy!

Ashley Lowe

That’s Ashley in her bio pic from the GBR website. I know that’s not the money shot you were hoping for, but I wanted you to see how professional looking a playmate can be with her clothes on.

According to the article, the Nicklaus family is aware of the nudies Ashley did for Hef. Of course there was no crime committed here. There’s nothing that juicy about it. Jack’s a family values kind of guy and I think it’s great that his company would employ a girl with something like this on her resume. You know damn well her look and modeling portfolio don’t hurt in selling million dollar homes.

Ashley Lowe

Not surprising at all, Lowe’s bio states that she was a teacher when she posed for Playboy and also became a Realtor. God bless horny old men for hiring hot chicks like this. If you have any further interest in a story I’ve mostly given you cliff notes of here, you can check it out here.

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