The Real Reason Cheyenne’s Uncle Went To India

A Tiger Doesn’t Change His Stripes

A few short weeks ago Tiger Woods disclosed to golf journos that he’d be thousands of miles away from Pebble Beach the week of the Crosby Clam Bake because he had obligations in India. Its been reported that Woods collected $2 million dollars to play in a pro-am and possibly even looked at some land to develop a golf course. What else do we know? He shot 63 in the exhibition round of golf he played, and lost. He also played golf with Sharmila Nicollet. Who the fuck is that you ask? Sharmila is a half Indian/half French professional golfer and model that plays on the Ladies Euro Tour (according to her Twitter profile). Last year she was featured in the Golf Digest Hottest Golfer Contest where she lost by fan vote to Blair O’Neal. What’s that? You want me to stop typing and just show you what she looks like? Oh, of course….without further delay: 

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What else is there to know about her? In 2013, Sharmila played in seven LET events making only two cuts including her career best finish, a T17 at the Turkish Airlines Ladies Open. 

In her rookie year of 2012 she played in 16 tournaments and made a whopping 3 cuts with a season-best T36 at the South African Women’s Open. For her career she’s made less than €10,000 (Euros). Having that modeling thing to fall back on might not be a bad idea. 

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Sharmila is tall if you can’t tell from the pics. Her bio says 5’11. Between a few porn stars, ex-wife Elin, and Lindsey Vonn, we know Tiger likes long-legged ladies. I think she’s just his type.  

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Yeah, sure Tiger. You just went all the way to India for hit and giggle golf and cash. He could have got that playing in Florida and betting with Michael Jordan. But you say “ShutFace, he’s a man of the world. He went to India to ‘grow the game’.” Hey, his dad did compare him to Gandhi once. Maybe Sharmila and TW did some yoga together. 

Am I insinuating that something happened between these two? No of course not. I don’t have access to the type of legal representation that would be required if I made a statement like that. All I’m saying is that Tiger was once a poon hound…..and once a poon hound, always a poon hound. 

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2 Responses to The Real Reason Cheyenne’s Uncle Went To India

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  2. Steve Know says:

    I see these women with bolt ons, pouty lipped selfies in the mirror… and my FIGHT OR FLEE instinct kicks in. Any man that gets himself tangled up with these women are asking for misery. This advice is far too late to save Dustin Johnson from the millions he’s going to spend directly on Paula, and indirectly as well because he’d rather be hugging a panda bear with her in Botswana or wherever the hell they are globetrotting to. I’m sure he won’t regret how much of his golf legacy she cost him when she’s boffing some ugly dude from a professional hockey team in 5 years.

    The only sympathy I have for dudes who get burned by this type of chick… is the sympathy I feel that they weren’t smart enough to see the obvious from the beginning. You don’t invite an arsonist to your house, hand him a gas can and a lighter and tell him you’ll be back in a few hours. Looking at Sharmila’s photo spreads… no way I’m putting my plums in her purse.

    You can’t fix stupid.

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