A Closer Look At Iliac Golf

Who’s Walker Wearing?

In the 48 hours that have passed since Jimmy Walker snagged his 3rd win of the 2013/2014 PGA Tour season, several people have asked me what the crest on Walker’s clothes means, what the brand is, or some variation of both questions. Jimmy is sponsored by Iliac Golf. The company was established in 2005 by former snowboarder, Bert LaMar, who also attempted to play golf professionally on several mini tours. The brand prides itself on innovative designs and high quality craftsmanship.

iliac Golf

Iliac has a unique and stylish look to it that makes it quite different from what you’ll see most other golfers wear. I first noticed it on Walker a few years ago because of that little red crest on his shoulder catching my eye. Zach Johnson wore Iliac for a few years as well, but left the brand for Oakley to start last season. Mr. LaMar seems to be quite fond of gingham in his choice of patterns. That’s alright by me. Take a look at two of my favorites from his Iliac collection.

The Rancher - $98.00

The Rancher – $98.00

Real men have no fear wearing pink. And if you can’t wear soft colors on the golf course, where can you wear them? The shirts are hand cut and sewn and are made from wrinkle free materials. That’s great for when you take your game on the road because you’ll never have to use a hotel iron again.

The Croc - $155.00

The Croc – $155.00

As if Iliacs shirts weren’t classy enough, LaMar gives customers the option to upgrade their order to include tour staff crests (logos) to the right sleeve and/or the yoke of the shirt. The upcharge to look like a tour player is a mere $75 per shirt. For a tall stiff like me Iliac shirts are ideal because they’re an extra 3 inches long. No matter how hard I swing it will not come untucked.


Iliac is only just beginning to have a bigger presence on the big boy tour with Walker’s star shining so bright. However, because Johnson has moved on, lesser known Danny Lee (former U.S. Am Champ) is the only other current tour player in the Iliac stable for apparel only. I bet that changes soon. This stuff is too good. Several other players use Iliac accessories. Yes, they make all kinds of other accessories as well. Outerwear, head covers, towels, and my personal favorite……leather covers for alignment sticks.

Alignment Stick Cover-Patent Croc-Chocolate

I’m not sure I could even use that one. It looks too good to waste on alignment sticks. But if if you have $88 to spend on something to cover your 36 inch plastic sticks it’s probably a must have. Bert, feel free to send me one (or a shirt), just email me for as shipping address.

The head covers are tits as well and Iliac has several designs, patterns, and colors you can choose from.

Argyle -Black/British Red

Smart phone case, yeah, they’ve got that too.

iPhone Case-Italian Croc Embossed-Black

Belts? You bet your ass.

Gingham D-Ring  Belt-Black

Time To Go Shopping

The Iliac site doesn’t mention any specific retailers, but you can order directly from the site. The site does show several courses that carry their merchandise and the list is so dense there simply has to be one near you. I recommend clicking over and checking out what they have to offer.


With Walker’s success I’d imagine the company has seen an influx of traffic and orders in the last few days and weeks. Some of you may balk at the listed prices. I suppose they might be on the high side, but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. This isn’t some Dry Fit Nike shirt made in a sweat shop overseas.

I’ve got to get some Iliac in my wardrobe. Now if only I can subtly get my wife to read this post so she knows what to get me for Valentine’s Day.

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