Tuesday Potluck: Bubba Does Craig While In L.A.

Bubba Never Takes That 500k Watch Off

Bubba Watson is playing in the Northern Trust Open this week in Los Angeles at Riviera Country Club. The tournament will air on CBS. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is also on CBS and is recorded in L.A. It’s only natural that the network would want one of the biggest names in the field this week to come on the show to help promote the tournament. On Monday, Bubba jumped on stage to hang with Craig and Geoff. He talked about his kids, Craig’s game, his shoes, and golfing with Mark Wahlberg.

What I thought would be a much more awkward interview turned into a fairly gracious and lighthearted look into Bubba’s world. In general, I don’t think BW is very comfortable in these types of settings. He’s a fidgety and appears self conscious because he doesn’t want to come off as a bumpkin. You’re not in Bagdad, FL anymore Bubba. You’re a star on the PGA Tour and a Masters Champion. You need to step out of your comfort zone, accept who you are, and deal with the obligations that come with it. I think the appearance on the Late Late Show was a step to doing just that.

 Sour Puss

Last we saw Watson was his missed putt on the 72nd hole in Scottsdale that cost him a chance at winning the tournament. He whined and complained about every missed shot that day to his caddie. He is starting to get a reputation for that. I killed him for it and so did several other hacks that take of space on the interwebs talking about golf.  He needed some positive P.R. and I think he got it thanks to Craig. Although he didn’t promote the NTO in any way, I’d say he won back some fans last night that may have still had a sour taste of Bubba in their mouth. Well done.   

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