Cheyenne Woods Wins: So How Many Beers?

I Think We All Had Cheyenne Winning Before Tiger In 2014

I doubt Vegas published this action, but if they did, I’m guessing the odds you could have got for Cheyenne Woods (Tiger’s niece) winning in 2014 before Tiger would have been about 200/1. With Tiger’s shitty start and light schedule, he doesn’t look ready to win any time soon. Cheyenne however took care of business by winning the Ladies Australian Masters today.


If you’re not familiar with her, please be aware that she isn’t just Tiger’s niece and a pretty face. She’s a legit player with a solid game who had an accomplished college career at Wake Forest. Her win today signals that she might just be the next superstar in the ladies game. Their tour needs a shot in the arm like Cheyenne Woods. So many other young stars haven’t backed up the hype they prematurely received. Woods battling the likes of Lexi Thompson for the next ten years would be a big deal for a product that struggles to attract fans/viewers/sponsors.

The Real Question

As a golf fan I was thrilled to wake up Sunday and see that Cheyenne had won, and I could sit here all day and write about how big of a deal this is, but who really cares about that? The real question is, would you nail Cheyenne Woods? On looks alone she’s obviously quite striking. However, we all know one of our buddies’ sisters that is a firecracker, but you see her and she looks so much like her brother that you could never pull the trigger. I think Cheyenne is in this category as well because of how familiar we all are with uncle Tiger.

So as friend of SFG likes to ask,, how many beers would it take? Before you answer, lets take a closer look at her.

She kind of looks like a fit Kardashian sister, doesn’t she? I think if Tiger didn’t exist you wouldn’t even think twice about it. Of course this scenario exists in a vacuum. No spouses, no repercussions for your deed, etc. It’s very simple. How many beers would it take for you to nail Cheyenne? I think I’d need 3 Jager bombs, a Bear Fight, and 4 beers merely to get past her resemblance to her uncle.

What about you? It’s poll time. Jump in below to respond and of course all comments are encouraged, the filthier the better. Batter up!

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