Upon Further Review: There’s Something Different About Blair O’Neal

Non-Organic Sweater Meat

Hard core golf fans probably already know who Blair O’Neal is. If you don’t, I’ll fill you in. She’s a leggy blonde that played her college golf at Arizona State. She’s won 9 mini-tour events but never made a dime on the LPGA Tour. She’s most famous for being deemed one of the “Hottest 50 Professional Athletes of All-Time” by Sports Illustrated…..whatever the fuck that is. Is that a real thing? How can you be put on that list when you’ve never earned a check at the highest level of your sport? Never mind. Back to your eye candy.

Blair O'Neal, Most Beautiful Women in Golf

Blair’s good looks landed her a spot on the Golf Channel’s Big Break in 2009. Small-time fame from the show has also landed her a cushy endorsement contract with Puma Golf.

Mosquito Bites 

The photo below is from the swimsuit calendar shoot from about 4 years ago. There’s just not much up top on her, is there? She’s obviously a gorgeous girl, but when you’re buying a calendar to ogle, aren’t you going to buy the Natalie Gulbis one instead so you can stare at her tits? To make my case, take a gander at Exhibit A below.

Blair O'Neal 11

Nothing, nada, zip, zilch. Flat as a pancake. But that’s why good plastic surgeons live in big houses. 

It seems as though some time in 2013 she put her Puma money to good use and got her self some bolt-on boobies. Take a peak below at Exhibit B (she’s on the far right) and see what you think. 


I don’t consider myself to be an expert in many things…..fake boobs…….well…..that might be twoone of those things. You can clearly see in the poolside Vegas twitpic that she all of a sudden has cleavage that wasn’t there in 2008. The photo is from early spring of this year.

Case Closed

Moving on, now I’ll give you the most influential piece of evidence in this case, let’s call it Exhibit C-cup. You may have seen Golf.com’s recent feature on the Most Beautiful Women In Golf. The 1st photo in Blair’s gallery from that feature is shown below:

Blair O'Neal, Most Beautiful Women in Golf

Boom. That seals it for me. If I’m wrong she should be doing Wonderbra commercials. I’ll give her credit though. First, she didn’t go too big. Is there such a thing? Not for porn, but for a golfer? Sure. She couldn’t swing the same if her milk-makers got too big too fast. They’d throw off her plane, timing, balance, etc. Second, the fact that I’m even debating if she got them done means it’s not completely obvious. That’s also a sign of a (boob) job well done.

As Holly Sonders of the Golf Channel has shown, getting fake knockers seems like an easy way to kick start your television career. It looks like Blair is trying to follow in her bra straps. Good luck, and thanks for getting new tits for us to look at.


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6 Responses to Upon Further Review: There’s Something Different About Blair O’Neal

  1. Steve Know says:

    I do not see the appeal here at all, and in terms of looks – when she does a professional photo shoot and they wear out 4 digital air brush tools while Photoshopping her, yah, she looks great. You could put me in a little skirt, a low cut top and with enough Photoshop, I could make the legendary summit of female achievement that is the “Top 50 hottest Women Athletes of All Time list” too. Her everyday photos are meh. I would rather buy a 50 pound bag of feed and call for LV.

  2. Steve Know says:

    Case in point that her non-professional photos are meh. Take a peak below at Exhibit B (she’s on the far right) and see what you think. Thank you for picking her out of the group consisting of 2 other average looking females. You would not need a road map to find Paulina if she were on the far right. 🙂

  3. Herr Brot says:

    Oh yeah, nice snack trays! My compliments to the plastic surgeon…well done.

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  5. Boner of the Month says:

    It is a crime to mention Holly Sonders in the same sentence with this woman. Ms O’Neal is attractive and certainly the bolt ons enhance the package. However, Holly Sonders is another league on another planet in another solar system in a different galaxy over this girl.

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