Rors Ruins Scott’s Tri-Fecta

My Tryptophan Coma Almost Lasted As Long As Rory’s Drought

Oh, hello there. Welcome back. Yes, I’ve been gone for a week for Thanksgiving. The truth is, I was too hopped up on domestic beer and leftovers to make my fingers type. That’s beside the point. The ‘welcome back’ is for Rory McIlroy’s golf game. Where have you been young man? I thought we’d lost you to the evil curse of $woosh equipment that put Nick Watney’s career in the abyss. Instead, you’re showing life and stealing certain victory from Adam Scott in his chase for ultimate Aussie glory. How dare you?

If you too were lost in a holiday weekend fog, or perhaps just so stunned by this that you forgot golf was on….


….you missed Rory’s first win of 2013 that was handed to him down the stretch by Adam Scott. Scott of course was hoping to secure the Aussie Triple Crown of Golf. He’s already won the Australian Masters and PGA in recent weeks. The open in Sydney was all that was left for him to complete the feat. Scott lead the tournament practically wire to wire, until the last putt dropped.

The final round began with 4 shots separating Scott and McIlroy. This final twosome was six shots clear of the field when the dust settled. This was nearly a match play duel over the closing holes as Rory shrunk Scott’s lead to 1 shot by the time they made the turn. On the par five 16th both players went for the green in 2 with Scott reaching the putting surface. Scott’s balky putter had shown to be his weakness nearly all day. His 3 putt par left the door open for Rory. At 17, Scott had another shortish birdie opportunity that he missed on the low side of the hole. He let several chances to put Rors away slip through his fingers thanks to his broomstick putter.

Both players found the fairway at 18. Scott played first and hit the putting surface, but a firm bounce sent his ball into a collection area well over the green. Rory hit a brilliant shot to 18 feet below the hole. Scott’s chip was wretched. The sole of his wedge struck the ground first and bounced the club head into the belly of the ball to send it skidding some 60 feet away for par. His putt was brilliantly lagged to gimmie range, but now his lead was gone as both players sat at 17 under. Rory calmly struck his putt that could win the tournament. It looked as though it was about to stop a foot short of the cup, but somehow ran out and fell in leaving the Aussie crowd stunned.

From tee to green Scott was the better player. I think that’s quite obvious. Yet he gave this one away to Rory on the green. Of all the players (Keegan, Webb, Tim Clark) that could be affected by the anchored putter ban of 2016, I can’t imagine Scott being one of them. He’ll putt just as poorly with almost any method he chooses, pressure putts at the Masters not withstanding, but his world class ball striking will continue to put him in contention.

Look What I Found

Does this victory mean that Rory is back and that he’s found his game? That’s the common thought with most of the golf media when they figured out that he won the Aussie Open on Saturday night in the states. I’m not sure how you can interpret a victory against a decent field any other way. What I think it likely means is that he’s finally figured out the new equipment. Yes, he’s super-talented and it shouldn’t matter what he’s using to hit a ball. However, my guess is the tech nerds at $woosh Inc. have finally tweaked the golf ball he is using to make it a product he’s comfortable with.

Remember, Tiger Woods signed with Nike Golf before there was Nike Golf. This was simply a clothing contract until the equipment started being built. When $woosh got into the golf ball business Tiger worked directly with the engineers and designers and would not put the ball in play until it met his expectations and specifications. That process took years. Is it possible that Rory is just now getting a golf ball that he also is comfortable with, how it feels, how it spins, reacts to wind, etc.?

Who knows? The win of course does get him off the goose egg for 2013. His next challenge will be finding another win back in the U.S. Luckily for him and for us he gets that chance this week at Tiger’s event in Southern California.

Speaking of Nike And Rory

While 2013 has been an epic failure for Nike and Rory on the golf course, it’s been an absolute delight from a marketing aspect. Now the $woosh and Rors have teamed up again to promote a new soccer ball in the clever way that only the ad wizards of Nike can.

Well done, again. I know next to nothing about soccer….errrr……sorry to all you froggies….I of course mean futbol. The ad with Rory and Wayne Rooney makes it almost seem cool. I’ll retract that statement as soon as some jackass with a black and white ball comes frolicking across my fairway using it as a pitch and tries to knock down my flag with a corner kick.

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  1. Herr Brot says:

    No Yack Daniels for Mr. Shutface this Thanksgiving?

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