Day & Donald End Droughts

G’Day Mate

Nearly two weeks removed from losing 8 family members (including his grandmother) in a tragic typhoon, Jason Day found himself in the final group of the World Cup of Golf. Day hadn’t won in 3 1/2 years. He was playing in front of his grieving family with a heavy heart, in his home country, on one of his favorite courses……no pressure.

As regular readers know, this site is always interested in the state of Jason Day’s game if only so that we get more media coverage of his wife, Ellie. For some reason unknown to me, Mrs. Day didn’t make the trip with JD to Australia for this month’s tournaments. Instead she’s home in Ohio with their son watching nervously as she gets whatever reports she can on the Golf Channel. Thanks to her tweets, all of us got to feel her anxiety during Jason’s up and down final round.

Jason made the turn trailing his fellow final group competitor, Thomas Bjorn. The great Dane has played well in recent weeks and months in what I would call a bit of a resurgence. After some shit years Bjorn’s game looks to be back on track and he gave Day all he could handle until the final holes of the tournament. When the twosome pegged it on the home holes into the wind, Bjorn’s mistakes were magnified and resulted in bogies while Day’s rock solid pars were all that were needed to lock up the win.

I don’t have anything against Bjorn, but it would have been tragic had he ended up winning. The script was set for Day to be the victor. Plus, Thomas Bjorn’s wife is a cunty bull dike who deserves no joy in life. Her antics at the 2012 Ryder Cup were appalling as described to me by first hand witnesses at Medinah. Comparing her to Ellie is like comparing dog food to filet mignon.

Yikes! I’m sorry to put that image in your head, but if I had to see it, so did you. Thomas must be a huge Drew Carey fan as she’s a dead ringer for the chubby game show host.

But back to Day. His display of emotions following his last putt on the 18th green made it clear how much this one meant to him. He was playing for his lost family members, but he was also playing against a world class field. We know he’s got the game to win a major, however, his close calls have left critics wondering if he needs to learn to win again before he delivers on such promise. His critics, including myself, likely find it hard to remember that Day is only 26 years old. This performance, on top of how he played at the Presidents Cup, appears to be a precursor to what is on the horizon for JD in 2014. I’d like to put some cash on him in Vegas to win the Masters this April.

The Field

Besides Bjorn, the other high finishers at Royal Melbourne this week included red hot Adam Scott, Matt Kuchar, and Ryo Ishikawa. Don’t forget, the World Cup’s tournament within the tournament is the team championship in which two competitors represent their home country. Day in 1st with Scott in 3rd resulted in a huge margin of victory for the men from Oz. Kevin Streelman’s solid play paired with Matt Kuchar’s high finish left the United States alone in 2nd place.

Scott won the previous two events in Australia in November. Next week he goes for the Aussie triple crown of golf at the Australian Open in Sydney. With Day pitching in this week, Scott’s life is so good right now that he even wins tournaments (as a team) in the weeks he doesn’t actually win (as an individual). I bet he shits gold nuggets too.

Welshman Stuart Manley had the shot of the weekend in Australia. To start the 3rd round he birdied the first two holes then aced the third. Manley was obviously pretty pumped about it, until he found out you only win the Mercedes if you make the ace in round 4. Bummer.

I guess it distracted him. Manley made an 11 on the following hole. You read that right…. ten shots higher from one hole to the next. That has to be some kind of record.

Where’s The Beef?

A year ago Luke Donald won the Dunlop Phoenix Open in Japan. That was his last win until today when he defended his title. Luke finished 6 shots clear of a mediocre field and takes home $400,000 for his efforts. Like Day’s wife, Mrs. Donald was also stuck at home in the states anxiously tweeting about her nerves while getting internet updates on her hubby’s round. It’s 2013. How could she not have had some sort of streaming telecast of this tournament? At least she and Mrs. Day had each other. No really, they were discussing their woes together. It was weird to see in my feed.

I don’t think Luke’s win will have the same residual impact as Day’s when looking forward to next year. He clearly likes the course and the field wasn’t anything special. It featured several Asian tour players and Euro tour vets looking for something to do now that the Race To Dubai is over. He played well, he needed a win to end his dry spell, but we’ll have to wait and see if this leads to anything bigger for the stocky Brit.

Along with the winner’s check, Luke also receives a prize cow for winning this tourney. No, Tiger didn’t give him Lindsey Vonn for a weekend. After his 2012 victory in Japan, the organizers of the Dunlop tournament called Donald to tell him about the issues they were having trying to import his $80,000 animal. The could not be allowed in to the U.S. because it was still alive. Half a year later Luke finally received his prize beef and raved about it via Twitter.

luke donald cow meat golfer

Import issues aside, I’m guessing the Donald’s will be feasting on red meat this holiday season.

Poll Time 

Now that both Luke Donald and Jason Day have ended winless droughts, which player do you think is more likely to win a major in 2014? Hit the poll question below and voice your opinion. As I’ve indicated above, I think it’s Day. He’s been too close and I think he’s found confidence in his game. I also think the host courses all set up well for him. What say you?

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