Right In The Chi-Chis

I Only Watch To See Meghan’s Tits

If you’re an avid watcher of the Golf Channel’s Big Break you might have noticed that this week’s episode featured special guest Chi-Chi Rodriguez. The 78 year old pro came on the show to demonstrate to it’s participants that he could still compete with them in the trick shot department. Chi-Chi lined up to take his crack at the always fun pane of glass breaking and the following ensued:

#Boom. What are the odds? Nice job by the old man to shake it off and get back on the horse. He didn’t even flinch on the 2nd attempt, yet calmly knocked the ball right through the glass. Fantastic. The sword thing he does never gets old, unless it’s Chris Berman doing it at Pebble Beach. I’ll have to run that one by the wife next time holster the gun after I finish with her in the bedroom [crosses fingers and hopes that neither Mrs. ShutFace or her father read this post].

NFL In My Weekend Games Stands For ‘Nice Fucking Layup’

If you’re not watching this season of BB, you’re not missing much. TGC concocted a new recipe to include several retired NFL guys that are mixed in on co-ed teams of former cast members. In other words, they recycled their own shit and are now trying to force feed it to you. There are some cute young ladies on the show as always, but other than eye candy the entertainment value is low. None of the men will ever get more than a cup of coffee playing on the PGA Tour. The NFL guys are mostly hacks too. One more janky swing I have to watch from Jerry Rice, Mark Rypien and Chris Doleman will make me want to scratch my eyes out. Oh, and if Jerry is truly a 1 handicap, I’d love to play him straight up for cash. I don’t think he’d break 80.

But alas, at least we have Meghan. Sure, she’s got a bit of a butter face, but who’s looking at that? I first introduced regular readers of this site to Meghan back in April. She only lasted 1 episode in her previous run on the ‘reality’ show so she and her sweater monkeys haven’t exactly become a household name. I’ll save you the time if you were going to Google her. Just check out friend of Shut Face Golf, Busted Coverage, for a gallery of Meghan pics. And in the true spirit of the Busted Coverage site, I must ask…..how many beers for you to take on Ms. Hardin?

I’ll go with 1  Miller Lite, but also require 3 Reindeer shots(with Rumplemintz) and a Bear Fight. Not that she’s not hot, but liquid confidence and muscle relaxer never hurt anyone.

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4 Responses to Right In The Chi-Chis

  1. Billy Batts says:

    Since some of the women on your website that you’ve featured have been called “less then beautiful”, I think we all should get to see a naked (or bikini shot) picture of Mrs. Shutfacegolf…Is that coming up?

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