Site News: ShutFaceGolf And The Back9Network

Back Nine, Not Back Door

That’s a whole different website, or so I’m told. While you were taking a dump and reading my wedge review on Friday morning you may have asked yourself, why did Mr. Shut Face randomly review 9 makes of wedges for Christmas? Well, this is your answer. At times, from now and into the future, I’ll be providing content in an agreement with the good people of The wedge review was hopefully the first of many. It was posted by the site today as part of a series of holiday gift guides aimed at golfers. Check out all the gift guides here.  

There’s plenty of other fun content besides the gift guides on the Back 9 Network. My recommendations? The Tiger-Rory banter from their match in China is pretty good. If the audio is hard to hear, read the transcript, it’s priceless. I’m also enjoying their series called ‘Does It Drive’ where random objects and items are smashed by drivers. 

There you have it. The mystery is solved. If you’re not familiar with Back9, give it a look. I think you’ll enjoy it. 


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1 Response to Site News: ShutFaceGolf And The Back9Network

  1. dtshangers says:

    Good stuff i hope u take over all the reviews. i just read the current ones and apparently every club out there is FABULOUS!

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